Three Rockets Target Bekaa Town of Brital

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Three rockets landed in the northern Bekaa town of Brital on Friday, causing no casualties.

According to LBCI television, the projectiles were fired from the Eastern Mountain Range on the border between Lebanon and Syria.

Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) said the shelling caused material damage.

“The first rocket landed west of the international highway in grape groves belonging to the Jaafar family,” the National News Agency said, adding that “shrapnel hit the nearby houses without causing any casualties.”

The second rocket fell in a wasteland east of the international highway.

Later on Friday, LBCI said a third rocket struck Brital without leading to any injuries.

On Tuesday, a rocket launched from the same region fell near the northern Bekaa town of al-Fakiha.

Six rockets fired from the Eastern Mountain Belt landed in and around Brital on June 28 without causing any injuries.

Extremist Islamist groups usually claim responsibility for such attacks, arguing that they come in retaliation to Hizbullah's military intervention in Syria.



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Thumb ex-fpm 11 July 2014, 19:30

As long as HA is fighting its sectarian war in Syria, these villages and Lebanon as a whole will not enjoy peace and security. Anyone who thinks to the contrary is simply fooling himself. HA dragged Lebanon into something much bigger than its meager capabilities.

Thumb sevilla 11 July 2014, 21:10

makes sense

Thumb eagledawn 11 July 2014, 19:45

When you go kill women and children in their villages in Syria under a sectarian banner, don't expect the victims not to come after your villages.

Thumb ice-man 11 July 2014, 19:52

I am saddened and emotionally distraught every time a rocket or a shell falls on this peace loving village. Why are these crazies intent on attacking the innocent people of Brital? Why? Why? What did they do to deserve such a payback? what? what? Is it because they have a taste for stolen cars or is it because they kidnap people for ransom, or is it because they support our resistance? Am I alone in feeling this way or am I being too emotional here...? I am at a loss....

Missing 11 July 2014, 22:04

Southern - Despite my disagreement of what Josh is writing, he is free to express his opinion and no one has the right to threaten to chop off his head. You have on the other hand ultrahabib who is a veritable biggot who call "Sunnis" cancer!

Thumb sevilla 11 July 2014, 22:49

that is the only language that southern and his people know. They will use bodily damage, violence and assassinations to silence their opponents. HA is a terror group and not one sane person would dispute that unless he is a member of HA. I also wish for the eradication of HA for all the evil they have done to my country as much as I wish for the eradication of all terror and extremist groups regardless of religion or sect.

Thumb ice-man 12 July 2014, 06:00

@wolf-..: how long have you been in solitary confinement?

Missing phillipo 12 July 2014, 07:41

From that photo they look exactly the same as those Hamas ones shot down by Israel.
Same supplier?