Drug-Filled Toothpaste Seized at Zahle Prison

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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  • W460

Security forces in charge of inspecting the inmates' possessions at the Zahle prison in the Bekaa discovered on Saturday a quantity of drugs hidden inside a toothpaste tube.

The state-run National News Agency identified the person that smuggled the illegal substance inside the tube as Khaled A.H.

Inmates have recently resorted to several strange techniques to smuggle drugs. Earlier this week, guards at the same Bekaa prison seized a large quantity of hashish and narcotic pills hidden in three kilograms of meat pastries.

And in June, security forces thwarted an attempt by a man to deliver a quantity of hashish hidden inside apricots to an inmate at the same prison.

In a similar incident, security men at the Roumieh prison thwarted back in October 2013 an attempt to smuggle explosive material through sandwiches.


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