Al-Rahi Lashes Out at MPs, Describes Situation as “Tragic”

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Maronite Partirach al-Rahi lamented on Sunday the presidential impasse, stressing that he rejects the “tragic” situation that has reached its peak.

“We refuse to accept the tragic situation that has reached the peak as the state is deprived from its president,” al-Rahi said during Sunday's sermon in his summer seat of Diman.

He called on officials, in particular lawmakers, to assume their constitutional duties.

“Until when are they going to neglect their dangerous and honorable constitutional duty of electing a new head of state,” al-Rahi wondered.

He expressed regret over the “ongoing constitutional and national pact violations and their impact on the parliament and the cabinet.”

Lebanon has been plunged in vacuum in the presidency since the term of President Michel Suleiman ended in May.

Eight presidential elections sessions have been held, seven of which were obstructed due to a lack of quorum at parliament caused by a boycott by the March 8 lawmakers of the Change and Reform and Loyalty to the Resistance blocs over differences on a presidential candidate.

The next elections session is scheduled for July 23.


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Missing karim- 13 July 2014, 12:24

الراعي: إلى متى يُهملون واجبَهم الدستوري الخطير والمُشرّف بانتخاب رئيسٍ للجمهوريّة؟ ولماذ لا يحضر جميع النواب إلى المجلس ويختارون مَن يشاؤون رئيسًا للبلاد من بين المرشّحين علنًا ومن بين غير المرشّحين؟

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Missing karim- 13 July 2014, 12:31

The liar

and his tool

Thumb geha 13 July 2014, 13:01

Aoun is the worst thing that happened to Lebanon.

Missing coolmec 13 July 2014, 14:39


Thumb beiruti 14 July 2014, 04:27

Patriarch shouldn't get upset, channel the energy to positive action. Truth squad. I heard the Iranian foreign minister this morning saying that Iran is respected in the region because it respects the sovereignty of regional states. It is fighting for Assad, you see. Iran's conduct toward a Lebanon is respectful?? Call this guy out for what he is and what his. Outcry is.