Salam Warns of 'Deteriorating Situation' in Lebanon: We're Drawing Harm by Firing Rockets at Israel

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Prime Minister Tammam Salam warned on Tuesday evening of the deteriorating situation in Lebanon amid the presidential vacuum, stressing also that firing rockets from the South towards Israel draws harm against the Lebanese.

“I warn that the general situation in the country is starting to deteriorate as a result of the obstruction in the legislative authority, and this (obstruction) is starting to leak into the executive authority and all institutions,” Salam said during the annual Iftar banquet held by the Islamic Orphanage at the BIEL.

He called for not “giving in” to the presidential vacuum “under any excuse.”

"I urge escaping narrow calculations and putting the national interest first. I call on the MPS to head to the parliament and elect a new president based on the clear constitutional standards,” he said.

“Any delay in the presidential elections means a failure of our constitutional institutions and of Lebanon's image on the international scene,” the Premier expressed.

As for the cabinet's role amid the ongoing presidential vacuum, he said the constitution should be a reference in this regard.

The Prime Minister also discussed the continuous Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip, which has killed over 194 Palestinians in the eight days of violence.

“In front of this violence we announce our full solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and we call on the Arabs to continue exerting efforts to stop the bloodshed,” Salam said.

But he nevertheless said solidarity cannot be manifested in “drawing harm against Lebanon and the Lebanese.”

The PM was referring to the launching of four rocket attacks towards Israel from southern Lebanon in the past week since the beginning of the Israeli assault on Gaza.

“We stress that the army is vigilant to defend attempts to jeopardize the Lebanese's security... and we are committed to all international resolutions, especially U.N. Security Council's resolution 1701,” he assured.



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