Qahwaji on Army Day: Coexistence, National Unity Distinguished the Military

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Army chief General Jean Qahwaji stressed on Friday during the marking of the Army Day that the military is the guardian of national unity, diversity and coexistence.

“The military institution has proven, despite all the adversity and the continued attempts to assault it, that coexistence is a fact and a conviction,” Qahwaji said in his Order of the Day to mark the 69th anniversary of the Lebanese army's founding.

He pointed out that the army is seeking to become a model for the Lebanese in safeguarding the “unique experience” of coexistence.

“On August 1, we are proud to be a symbol for this model that is Lebanon's only salvation.”

A ceremony was held at the Fayadieh Military Academy to mark the Army Day instead of the traditional ceremony due to the ongoing presidential vacuum.

Two hundred and eighty officers, who were promoted to the rank of lieutenant, only received certificates instead of their swords.

“The difficult situation that the country is passing through and the presidential vacuum compelled us to cancel the traditional ceremony,” Qahwaji said.



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Thumb cedre 01 August 2014, 14:04

jerry, did u hear about the sunni and druze officers that gave their resignations on 7-8 ayar but General Sleiman refused it ?

Thumb Shimr_ibn_Dhil_Jawshan 01 August 2014, 14:25

What's your point?

Thumb cedre 01 August 2014, 23:31

my point is that even top officers acknowledged that LAF is under HizbIran's orders.

Default-user-icon James (Guest) 01 August 2014, 14:20

Good stuff.

Default-user-icon James (Guest) 01 August 2014, 14:33

Good stuff.

Thumb ice-man 01 August 2014, 18:08


Thumb jabal10452 01 August 2014, 19:29

Empty words. Hezbollah's blakmail is killing coexistence. If this continues, the army risks disintegration.

Thumb popeye 02 August 2014, 06:14

I await the day when I will read ONE meaningful post, ONE counter argument, ONE credible or mature info from you, ..Flamethrower. , but alas!