Nasrallah from Bekaa: We Will Defeat Takfiris

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has vowed to defeat terrorist groups, saying his party would not surrender in the fight against them.

“Victory will be the ally of the mujahideen in their battle against takfiri and terrorist groups the same way it was their ally in the confrontation with the Israeli enemy,” Nasrallah told Hizbullah members during a recent visit to the eastern Bekaa Valley.

“The resistance is not weak and hasn't weakened. It is strong, present and mobilized to confront and stop aggression,” he said.

His remarks were published on Tuesday in several local newspapers.

“Hizbullah does not surrender and get defeated no matter how strong the confrontation is,” the party's secretary-general was quoted as saying.

He promised to thwart any attack to attack Lebanon and its people. “The huge victory will eventually flourish.”

Nasrallah, who lives in hiding, has made few public appearances since his group fought a 34-day war with Israel in 2006 for fear of assassination by the Jewish state.

Hizbullah has been battling armed rebels including al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front and Islamic State terrorists in Syria. The party has sent thousands of fighters to the neighboring country to help President Bashar Assad's troops.

The armed intervention in Syria earned the Shiite group the enmity of Syria's predominantly Sunni rebels. Assad is a member of the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

Last week, al-Nusra Front attacked positions manned by Hizbullah along the Syrian border.

Several fighters were killed in the battle on Brital's outskirts.

It was the most serious incursion into Lebanon since Aug. 2, when the jihadists briefly captured the northeastern border town of Arsal as well as several soldiers and policemen.

Two of the soldiers were later beheaded. The third was shot dead.



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Thumb Elemental 14 October 2014, 08:04

Both Hezbollah and ISIS want to turn Lebanon into their own separate caliphates. Stop using Lebanon and it's people for your own selfish gains. Loyalty yo the LAF only, and take orders from Lebanon for once.

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 08:41

The Resistance does take orders from the Lebanese people, but not your corrupted M14 leaders. I guess everyone that doesn't believe in Mr. Geageas lies, is a traitor yes?

Thumb Elemental 14 October 2014, 09:13

Nice assumptions, you're wrong assuming I support them though. You both want your own caliphates and use the Lebanese to achieve it, and name me one time ever where they took orders from Lebanon and not Iran?

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 11:45

Elemental, Lebanese people. Ring any bells? Those people you seem to forget, when carrying out Geageas agendas.

Thumb thepatriot 14 October 2014, 11:52

Hahahah Mystic... to resume, Hezbebola takes orders from themselves!

Thumb FlameCatcher 14 October 2014, 17:12

The only person Nasrallah takes orders from is his Grand Iranian Ayatollah whose prick he seems to be holding in his hand...

If he has to state the resistance "is not weak", then it is weaker then ever.

And it makes me laugh everytime I hear Shiite Takfiris calling Sunni Terrorists "Takfiris"... they are all takfiri ! May they all exterminate each other !

Hassan Nasrallah is the sole person responsible for the attacks on Lebanon. He either orchestrates them, provokes them or invites them in ! Either way, Nasrallah and his followers are traitors just as anyone joining Nusra/IS or whatever brand they go by these days !

Thumb popeye 14 October 2014, 17:41

He is a terrorist who should be held accountable for all the crimes he committed against the lebanese and syrian people.

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 08:29

gabby you can dream all you want, just like your dreams of Hezbollahs disarmament.

It is an illusion. Actually i would rather say, you laughed in the beginning, now you are not laughing so much, because your "moderate rebels" turned out to be Al Qaeda minions and other forms of extremists.

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 11:17

What? I think you need to get your facts straight young kid.

Missing mohammad_ca 14 October 2014, 11:23

Here's a thought Mystic...try changing your TV channel from Almanar every once in a while.

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 11:44

I think you should turn off Al Arabiya, that would be a step forward in your miserable life.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 October 2014, 12:31

mystic is here and clearly reading naharnet's articles, so your point is invalid mohammad_ca.
what about you? when was the last time you read or watched something outside of your comfort zone?

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 08:41

fire works in New York?

Default-user-icon Hassan (Guest) 14 October 2014, 08:46

3 years or more doesnt matter ,they will and together ,while your slogans are :assad until eternity or always victorious ! those are slogans of fearful doomed gangs !

Default-user-icon Ibn Waraq (Guest) 14 October 2014, 10:03

Radical Shii Wilayat Fakih VS Radical Sunni Khilafah. Can we guess the outcome? Killings and massacres in the name of Allah. What about the Lebanese who have no interest in either Psycho groups? Do we have a say in the matter? Or we also should be killed in the process like cheeps? If both are promised Heaven with Virgins and eternal Lust, what about us? Where do we fit it? If both are so bent on killing each other, why don’t they do so away from us? I am proposing NASA to send all these wacos to Mars and save us from this madness.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 14 October 2014, 10:12

god bless anyone who fights and kills designated terrorists filth takfiries wahabies
hizb is doing the same as USA , UK , France UN and some gulf countries lackies so .....

Thumb ex-fpm 14 October 2014, 10:49

“Victory will be the ally of the mujahideen in their battle against takfiri and terrorist groups the same way it was their ally in the confrontation with the Israeli enemy,” Nasrallah told Hizbullah members during a recent visit to the eastern Bekaa Valley.

First, the visit in itself to the Bekaa represent a clear weakness as he has never done it before. The moral within his organization must be pretty low right now.

Second, if he is promising a victory similar to his victory in 2006, then we all know what that means.

Thumb eagledawn 14 October 2014, 12:07

another "Had I known" admission will be more likely

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 11:16

gabbygirl14 just reported half my comments to Naharnet, which got them deleted, they are not really good at hiding their Saudi agenda on this website.

Thumb eagledawn 14 October 2014, 12:06

you know when you accuse without proof, you lose all credibility don't you?

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 October 2014, 12:29

proof he says.... well here are simple facts: the editor in chief of an nahar is part of the m14 political bureau.
and who finances m14?

Thumb eagledawn 14 October 2014, 13:18

who? and please provide proof like bank transfers, balance statements, secret taped meetings, or zip it.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 October 2014, 13:48

yep sure, give me your email address.

Missing mohammad_ca 14 October 2014, 11:17

Of course the poor will send them willingly when they give their parents a monthly couple of hundred dollars and lie to them that their sons are fighting a holy war and when they die attacking a foreign territory they will end up in paradise and will still get their monthly paycheck. It's called exploiting the poor. Personal attacks don't bother me they only speak volumes about how weak Hizbollaat fanbase has become...

Missing mohammad_ca 14 October 2014, 19:01

More personal attacks from desperate hibollaat supporters. Only failures and the mentally unstable and losers can be convinced to put their lives on the line for a couple of hundred dollars a month. LOL@quitting their lives. Good luck trying to reach heaven dude.

Missing mohammad_ca 14 October 2014, 19:05

Quitting their jobs*

Thumb ashtah 14 October 2014, 11:28

This terrorist has serious problems: arrogance, disregard for human life, and narcissism.

Default-user-icon Ibn Waraq (Guest) 14 October 2014, 11:56

The difference between Hezbollah and ISIS is only in the means of brutality. Hezbollah is more sophisticated and much better at PR and polishing its image of Terrorism. Both Wacos are guilty of Terrorism. Many innocent people have been killed in the name of their twisted Evil ideologies. Both groups are guilty in crimes against humanity. Seriously, Think about it. Both are destroying what is left of civility in Arab or Islamic societies. Both are driving people to pick up arms , kill and spread fear among the masses. Allah, Mohamad and Ali should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such savages to kill in their name. What happen to the religion of Peace. How can Muslims be at peace with the world if they cannot have peace between Sunnis and Shiias. What a bunch of hypocrites. The world is fed up with Islamic religious zealots and brainwashed scum.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 October 2014, 13:46

only takfiri supporters, ignorant and hypocrites would compare HA to nusra/da3esh. no need for an answer, as informed/honest people already know it.

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 14:39

More honest, than you Judas supporters ever will be slash.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 October 2014, 15:19

slash: nothing to do with me, you either see the difference or you don't. it's plain and obvious, and nobody can make you see it if you don't want to.
I just hope you realize it while your head is still attached to the rest of your body, after this it would be too late.

terrorist: the turkish government is using isis to exterminate kurds in syria, arming and financing them and allowing them to use the turkish border. i guess they need to commit a genocide every century or something would be wrong. are they your impartial reference?

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 16:32

Another lie slash, SLA consisted of many Kataeb & LF phalangists, which went into that army on Israeli orders. The guy on your avatar, fought for Israeli USA dominance of Lebanon, while the man on my avatar (god rest his soul) fought against them.

We can thank SSNP today, that Lebanon wasen't sold to Israel. Your hero was very close in doing that, but it didn't happend.

Your American heroes Israelis included, both got kicked out. What more can i say? I'm not going to damn any dead people, I will not sink as low as you Mr. Judas.

Missing mohammad_ca 14 October 2014, 19:03

Only desperate Hizbollaat supporters don't see the difference in exploiting the poor, the mentally unstable, and the losers in fighting for a political cause that those more senior than them send them to. Good luck reaching heaven like that!

Thumb Mystic 14 October 2014, 18:18

Israeli propaganda, where do you got those numbers from? The Justice Department (US)? I've heard this story a thousand times about rice and flowers, and it all seem like pure lies, made up my Israelis to justify their acts of terrorism in the South.

I do know though, that you phalangists were the first to greet Israel in 1982, and in 2006 along with the rest of the M14 camp, you claim to be Lebanese Nationalists, but you are nothing more than Israelis, just like you rushed in to tell them to finish off Hezbollah and bomb Lebanese infrastructure with no objections what's so ever.

Default-user-icon Ibn Waraq (Guest) 14 October 2014, 15:14

Those who cannot see the poison of Radical Islam be it Shii or Sunni are ill-informed and dishonest with themselves. Actually, most Lebanese citizens are so brainwashed with corrupt politics and self-victimization that they have become blind to see that the source of their misery are those who drive them to kill to preserve bankrupt ideologies and corrupt political agendas. With the exception of the few, the Lebanese are so stupid in not realizing that their religious and political leaders are using religion to stop them from getting their basic economic and social rights. We follow these leaders like cheeps and we then ask why there is no water, or electricity, or why the Lebanese infrastructure is crumbling? Be it Christians or Muslims, all we are doing today is re-enforcing corruption and maintaining the corrupt leaders in power. While we are debating, arguing and killing each other’s, our leaders are stealing our Tax money, living in Luxury and amassing Wealth.

Thumb shab 14 October 2014, 19:37

Filthy murdering militia

Default-user-icon design creation convention (Guest) 15 October 2014, 01:06

You gotta give him credit for trying, he can see how low the moral is among the rank and file and that little firecracker they set up in sheb3a didn't make much to lift it. He's already went through most of the veteran trained fighters in Syria he's now having to throw in the reservists or even worse maybe scape the bottom of the barrel and send in the saraya el moukawama. It's all he can do, withdrawing is not a decision he has the power to make.