Parliament Fails to Elect President for 15th Time

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lawmakers failed on Wednesday for the fifteenth time to elect a new president over a lack of quorum at parliament.

The next elections session has been scheduled for November 19.

LBCI television said that 54 lawmakers attended the session.

It was boycotted by the Change and Reform and Loyalty to the Resistance blocs of the March 8 alliance.

In attendance were blocs from the March 14 camp, centrist lawmakers, and Speaker Nabih Berri's Development and Liberation bloc.

The speaker did not attend the session in order to chair his weekly meeting with MPs at his Ain el-Tineh residence later on Wednesday.

Lebanon has been without a president since May when the term of Michel Suleiman ended.

Hizbullah and MP Michel Aoun's Change and Reform bloc have been boycotting electoral sessions due to a disagreement with the March 14 camp over a compromise presidential candidate.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea, a presidential candidate, had previously accused them of adopting such measures in to order to blackmail political blocs into electing Aoun as president.

Commenting on the failure to hold the elections, Geagea said: “We will continue on heading to the elections sessions as a sign of our commitment to constitutional measures and the Lebanese system.”

He accused during a press conference Hizbullah and Aoun of obstructing the polls, adding: “I used to think that the obstruction was aimed at achieving personal gains, but I am beginning to question this.”

“The ongoing obstruction is no longer a political maneuver, but an attempt to target Lebanon's political system,” Geagea stressed.

“Certain standards stipulated in the constitution dictate how to stage the presidential elections, but Aoun and Hizbullah are violating these principles,” he explained.



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Missing george710 29 October 2014, 13:41

You would think the constitution would have an amendment in order to prevent something so ridiculous as this.

Thumb marcus 29 October 2014, 13:46

you need consensus to amend the constitution LOL.

Thumb blablablablabla 29 October 2014, 16:16

Giving back the presidential prerogatives to get a strong executive, enlarging the electoral college, not only to MP but to majors and elected personnel, before getting an universal electoral college, meaning the people.
MP's should be elected on their competencies and not based on theirs religions.

Thumb -phoenix1 29 October 2014, 14:12

This is the reason why more and more people are asking of the Army to suspend the constitution and declare Marshall Law throughout the land. Let there be Military Rule, let the army arrest all of the politicians, all of them, be they M8, M14 and whatever other crooked thieves still remain on the lose and let us all live again under the same law, under the same justice. Let the army have no mercy on anyone who breaks the law, let the army rule with an iron fist and let it hit as hard as need be. 5 years of military rule, and Lebanon will regain its sovereignty and independence, from all the mafia crooks that have subjugated this country to all their unbelievable whims and caprices. let the army return to us the people our pride and dignity. Today the people of Lebanon want their peace and only the army will bring it, send the politicians to hell if need be, all of them.

Default-user-icon +phoenix1 (Guest) 29 October 2014, 18:06

are you in love with yourself or what? I mean what you write are not opinions, it is a life story. Just cut down on the narrative a bit.

Thumb -phoenix1 29 October 2014, 14:17

I have been travelling quite a lot these past 2 years, meeting with many Lebanese in the diaspora, all of them and without any exception want to see peace in Lebanon and with peace, a good number of them want to reinvest and live in their homeland. The expatriate Lebanese communities are bleeding profusely from the ridiculous situation in Lebanon and most of them want to see military rule. Lebanon is so close to being what everyone of us wants, yet remains so far because of the political establishment, that's right, the crooked mafia of Lebanon. let's have our military rule, and let Lebanon LIVE again.

Thumb al.finique 29 October 2014, 15:26

Bro, I also have been traveling quite a lot these last few days and meeting with many shia lebanese in Africa. though my business no longer depends entirely on its Lebanon operation, but I also must let everyone know: that when the Lebanese Army moves forward, business rapidly takes a turn for the better. Now we may ask why, the answer couldn't be simpler, the People of Lebanon gain trust in their country and its most important constitutional institution, the Lebanese Army, so when the army does the job, public confidence follows in the advances. Let please, let the LAF continue their push forward, continue to hit with a fist of pure stainless steel, continue to assert its authority over ALL the land, Lebanon will quickly turn into the country we ALL want to see. What would be even better, a lot better, is for the Army to Install Military Rule and jail all them mafia politician, M8, M14 and the M in between.

Missing coolmec 29 October 2014, 14:46

Good to "see you" again my friend. I fully agree with your above comment it is time to remove these 128 worthless corrupt MP's. In order to do so I would like to see the Lebanese going on the streets occupy the parliament and remove these corrupt politicians. Only then can we see a positive change in Lebanon

Thumb -phoenix1 29 October 2014, 15:27

Thanks Cool, good to see you too.

Missing imagine_1979 29 October 2014, 15:59

Hey coolmec, long time no see;
Just one coment if i may, u are asking the same lebanese who voted for those guys like they dif with their parents and grandparents and probably are calling the sins of those "politicians " beik, sheikh..and so on to take the streets?... I would love this to happen but yet i find it hard to...
And what phenix is saying is that the army should take over, first it wont be very democratic and will probably lead to something like bachar, saddam or any other gov, it might be a trasiant solution but in our part of the world it might go for generations...
And yet u think that our army is capable of doing that, they were 500 fighter in tabaneh how many got caught??? How did it all stopped?? What happened???

Thumb -phoenix1 29 October 2014, 18:59

Hi @Imagine, did you know of the campus today between LF and FPM students? One more reason to lose hope in any so-called democratic process and opt for a radical change, as you said, transient.

Missing imagine_1979 29 October 2014, 16:00

Coolmec i think we all want a democratic state, we all want security an stability, we all aim at the same goals but the feodal blindness linking most of the lebanese to their "leaders" the lack of accountability all this is taking us to a real failed state...
Now u have our local shia millicia in syria, irak, yemen, u have sunis feeling with the other "oppressed" suni of the region, christians acting that they only belong to there villages/mountains.. Where is lebanon in all this?..
Anyway i think i will go hv some chupachups

Missing humble 29 October 2014, 15:10

The caporal is a traitor to the christians and to Lebanon.

Default-user-icon _mowaten_ (Guest) 29 October 2014, 15:41

lol@humble4president. I love your comments they sound just like mine.

Default-user-icon dehablo (Guest) 29 October 2014, 18:04

do you have a copy of the cheque in question? A scanned version would suffice lol

Default-user-icon Queues? (Guest) 29 October 2014, 15:54

Sure the army should stage a coup, suspend the constitution and declare Marshall law, but then it will be at loggerheads with that pesky parallel sectarian army we all know and love. You know the one full of zest for all things jihadi, they live and die by it, how will they react? We saw what they did in mar mkhayel when they attacked soldiers standing in their way and how they tried to grab at their weapons, lucky our soldiers were up to the task that day but they paid for it later. We also saw how quickly the red lines were put around terrorists who murdered army soldiers just because said terrorists were sent by bashar as part of a wider plan to destabilize Lebanon. What will the iranian sectarian army's reaction be at a coup lead by a Christian Maronite under Marshall law?

Default-user-icon Sebouh80 (Guest) 29 October 2014, 16:29

Dear Naharnet,
Parliament Fails to Elect President for 15th Time. This should not even be a news event since most people in Lebanon know by now that Presidents come from outside, and Parliament members in this respect only provide rubber stamp for a specific candidate in question that have already been decided behind closed doors before hand. That is why this entire process is nothing but an empty charade as far as I'm concerned.

Default-user-icon CFTC-Sebouh80 (Guest) 29 October 2014, 18:05

Well said Sebouh80 (Guest) and thank you for pointing out the obvious.

Missing karim- 29 October 2014, 16:50

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Thumb nickjames 29 October 2014, 22:53

Despite his notoriety, and also the sectarian divide on the forum, the regular contributors shall unite and crush the fakes who are sabotaging the forum. We shall give them no mercy and no place to hide. Together, supporters of March 8, 11, and 14 will rule this forum with an iron fist