Report: Al-Rahi Rejects to Meet with Pietton Unless he Apologizes

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi is demanding an apology from French Ambassador Denis Pietton before setting a date to meet with him, Bkirki sources told the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa daily on Tuesday.

“Al-Rahi will not set a date for a meeting with Ambassador Denis Pietton if the latter decides to meet him,” the sources said.

The patriarch rejects the ambassador’s criticism of al-Rahi’s statements on Hizbullah’s arms and the situation in Syria and “will not meet him unless he makes an apology and provides an explanation on his remarks about French disappointment” from the prelate, they added.

Last week, Pietton said his government was “disappointed” by al-Rahi’s remarks and said he would soon visit the patriarch as ordered by his government to seek clarifications.

During his visit to Paris, al-Rahi said Syrian President Bashar Assad should be given the chance to introduce reform over his fear that the collapse of the regime would lead to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Syria. This would constitute a threat to Christians in the region.

Al-Rahi also linked the fate of Hizbullah’s weapons to the liberation of the remaining Israeli-occupied Lebanese territories.

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Thumb thepatriot 20 September 2011, 10:31

Apologies!!!??!! For expressing disappointment!!!!???

OMG, Rahi is worsening his case...

Default-user-icon oua nabka + (Guest) 20 September 2011, 11:48

not only he has to apologies but he has also to give expllaination about the shahed el zour siddik and turn zouheir to the the lebanese justice
ma heik ya patriot

Default-user-icon M60 (Guest) 20 September 2011, 11:50

Patriarch Besharra can not be serious that he deserves an apology from the French Ambassador.If any one needs to apologizes for the demeanor would be Besharra.Besharra inoppriate and dangerous comment has far reaching consequences,he is condoning the atrocious behavior of the Assad regime that has a far reaching criminal record in Lebanon and in Syria.I imagine Besharra having difficulties comprehending the negative impact he's misguided comments are going to have on the Syrian Christian once the current regime collapses.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 20 September 2011, 12:23

protecting: definitly not.....endangering: yes.

Thumb canaanite 20 September 2011, 12:23

When the batrak dreams of joining the FPM, then you know Lebanon is in trouble...!!

Thumb will_rogers 20 September 2011, 12:43

To our Beloved Batrak, what you had said does not need explanation, it was Loud and Clear, it cannot be taken Out Of Context as you had mentioned upon your return to Lebanon. All True Lebanese and the Civilized world were shaken by your legitimization of "HIZBUSTAN" Criminals' Arms, whether you meant it or Not. Maybe you should have kept your opinion to yourself and not splashed on World News. All the people and countries, including the Vatican, who are asking for an Explanation, cannot be wrong. The Apology should actually be coming from your side and Not Mr. Pietton.

Default-user-icon joe (Guest) 20 September 2011, 12:56

someone has to slap this guy so that he wakes up from his bad dream ...

Default-user-icon joe (Guest) 20 September 2011, 13:02

someone has to slap this guy so that he wakes up from his bad dream ...

Default-user-icon George Haddad (Guest) 20 September 2011, 13:08

Al Rahi is acting like an immature kid. For Gid's sake, he is supposed to be an example of Christian behavior or modesty and humility. It looks like his future as a leader of the Maronite church is going to be bumpy and harsh. His demaner is proving to be eratic to say the least and more like spontaneous and void of rationality and depth.

His predecessor was more experienced and less confrontational. I knew Al Rai when I was part of the Charismatic renewal movement where he used to attend sporadically while supporting their work and spirit. I used to think of him as being a populist and full of zest. Now, though, I am not sure of that. To be honest, I was shocked when I heard that he became a Patriark. I really had a deep feeling that he is not fit to be more than a bishop.

Now, my feeling are reaffirmed.

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 20 September 2011, 13:26

chaos in Syria is dangerous for minorities in that country and region? We saw what happened in iraq. Israel is still occupying Sheba"a they are the occupiers.. where is the controversy in what the patriarch said?

pietton and his bosses owe the patriarche an apology for sure.

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) 20 September 2011, 13:28

our patriarch is more and more glorious each day

i can see filthy zionisti militia information war department losing nerves each day more and more

Thumb geha 20 September 2011, 13:33

this patriarch should apologize from the Lebanese people over his comments.

Default-user-icon i_ataoui (Guest) 20 September 2011, 13:40

Patriarch has join the Lebanese national movement; Almuqawama to Liberate occupied land , Army to protect it and the people (but not those semi-zionist who r around here.) to Boom the country.

Thumb geha 20 September 2011, 13:41

is he the new little General????

Default-user-icon Dollamito (Guest) 20 September 2011, 15:06

This is a believable report. NO INTERFERENCE IN OUR INTERNAL AFFAIRS. PERIOD. Every decent Lebanese should stand by Patriarch Al Rahi irrespective of which country it is that is QUESTIONING HIS WORDS. But the fake and phony lovers of live, freedoms and blah blah blah are SILENT. SILENT, PEOPLE!!! We need men like Al Rahi. But the farts that we have in the politicians are just that, FARTS, who have sold and will continue to sell their souls and morals to those who continue to pump them with fart.

Default-user-icon RJS (Guest) 20 September 2011, 16:20

How blinded are you guys? For once one of our leaders demands that other countries respect our sovereignty and you make a fuss about it?

You are all sheep, and your master sheep is in Saudi twiddling his thumbs.

Thumb thepatriot 20 September 2011, 16:52

@ habal camel

Deir el salib called. Time to go back home now...

Default-user-icon DCNZog (Guest) 20 September 2011, 16:53

Here is a man of principle who seriouslu assumes his responsibility of guiding his flock and protecting his Church rather than being "politically correct" and going with the mainstream sentiment.

Wake up people before it is too late.

Bravo Sayidna

Default-user-icon DCNZog (Guest) 20 September 2011, 17:00

Here is a man of principle who seriouslu assumes his responsibility of guiding his flock and protecting his Church rather than being "politically correct" and going with the mainstream sentiment.

Wake up people before it is too late.

Bravo Sayidna

Default-user-icon GB (Guest) 20 September 2011, 17:59

At last we have a wise and courageous man at the head of the maronite church! God bless you...

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 20 September 2011, 18:29

I think Qaddafi should be offered to head the Hezb, since 'Le Pauvre' he is out of a job!

Default-user-icon yousefbeik (Guest) 20 September 2011, 18:54

God bless you ya Batrakna. God bless you for not being a puppet and say it how it is! Ykhallik biso7tak!

Default-user-icon reaper (Guest) 20 September 2011, 20:08

true followers of Jesus (in the example of Jesus Christ, the Resurrected Son of the Living God ) do not demand apologies, they extend grace and forgiveness.

Default-user-icon French man from FRANCE (Guest) 20 September 2011, 20:09

Why would a French man apologize to the inferior Lebanese?

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 20 September 2011, 20:13

The French Ambassador (like other French Political leaders) receive many millions of French Francs in political support from Zionists. If Al Rahi has more money to offer this French Political Prostitute than the Zionist Lobby, then the French Ambassador not only will apologize to the Patrak, but will personally wipe his *** for him.

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 20 September 2011, 20:20

He is single-handedly cheaping the position of Maronite Patriarch. Why would anyone want to go to Bkerki when they could go to Rabih or Dayhe. They will get the same line there without having to bow and scrape and pretend that the occupant is some independent actor.

We live in interesting times. It is a Chinese curse. But in previous interesting times, leaders arose to meet the challenges. This time we get Barak Obama who is a spineless wet noodle with no issue for which he is willing to go to the wall to defend. And Rai who more wants to be the Maronite President than the Maronite Patriarch. There is a difference.

Missing realist 20 September 2011, 21:32

Apology for what exactly?? for criticizing your horrbile political positions in France?? wala chi beda7ik lol.. the batrak is really starting to sound like the GMA, he wants to be a dictator above and beyond criticism so no wonder he is fond of Bashar/Hassan. And after all, the ambassador is an experienced man of politics and you are a man of religion. شو فوتك هالفوتة؟؟..بدك تحكي سياسة معناتة بدك تتحمل ردات الفعل

Missing realist 20 September 2011, 21:41

For those lecturing us on "muqawama" and "liberation", has a single shot been fired on israel since the "glorious" victory in 2006 and the nasralah's: لو كنت أعلم"??

Has a single shot been fired on the Golan heights?...the truth is Sheeba Farms = Golan heights. The "resistance" is over and the mission is to occupy lebanon and convert it to an iranian bastion, that is precisely why the arms have switched direction to the inside. How many people live in Sheeba farms?? we have 4 million lebanese under your occupation and over 20 million Syrians under the occupation of Assad zionist regime so who deserves to be "liberated" more ?

I know you still can not see beyond your nose because of your stupid arrogance, and the truth is that the days of your monopoly of weapons are over and everyone will eventually obtain weapons and confront you..

Default-user-icon Pierone (Guest) 20 September 2011, 22:08

Definetely, keep the church out of politics

Thumb mrbrain 21 September 2011, 06:23

Mr Batrak Rahi is impressing me his Stances are unprecedented…Normally the Lebanese sectarian leaders works as brokers for some Arab and western countries n exchange for some indecent services on the Lebanese soi. In return the Lebanese sectarian leaders receive political and financial support.
We Lebanese we have a corrupted culture that survives on making easy fast money.. In addition to that we are blindly affected by anything that comes from outside our borders..When I visit Lebanon the first thing my stupid friend asks me is what airliner you came with?!!! Or what is the brand of your jeans? Or where it’s made?
Mr Rahi is showing some trends of independency from foreign politics..I am encouraging the”made in Lebanon” trend and I encourage self respect….Yes I fully support the Batrak request the French Ambassador has no choice but to apologize.

Thumb thepatriot 21 September 2011, 10:28

@ John from Koura...who should get out of Koura sometimes...

I dont see what the French Ambassador would do with French Francs since they stoped existing like 12 years ago... :-)

PS: Are u friends with ahbal camel or mowaten?? You seem to have the same sources...

Thumb thepatriot 21 September 2011, 11:42

Great post. Keep it up!