Berri: Local, Regional Conditions are Promising for Parties to Agree on Presidential Candidate

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri stressed on Monday that parliament will always be ready to hold the presidential elections should an agreement be reached on a compromise candidate, reported the National News Agency.

“The local and regional conditions may lead to promising signals that may encourage parties to agree on a new president,” said Berri according to his visitor, head of Maronite General Council Wadih el-Khazen.

He added that the speaker went ahead with the extension of parliament's term last week because such a development will pave the way eventually to consensus over the presidential elections.

Parliament voted last week to extend its term until 2017 following its failure to stage the parliamentary elections over security fears and a disagreement over an electoral law.

Lebanon has been without a president since the term of Michel Suleiman ended in May.

Disputes between the rival March 8 and 14 camps over a compromise candidate have thwarted the polls.



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Thumb -phoenix1 10 November 2014, 17:45

Mr. Berri, who on earth are you to tell us about a compromise candidate? let the new president be real, and let him be allowed to do his job.

Default-user-icon roussiya (Guest) 10 November 2014, 18:45

according to the FT and the aounists geniuses frangieh and geagea are new friend :) something another!

Default-user-icon charade (Guest) 10 November 2014, 17:46

lol for months with aoun refusing to name himself and insisting he will only run as the "consensual" candidate , nasrallah burned him by naming him by name as the M8 candidate, destroying any glimmer of chance of becoming consensual. now its up to berri to push the "regional conditions" card after extending the parliament's term.
brilliant how aoun's allies played him. they knew he had less than a snowball's chance in hell to become president so used him to stall the election of a president, berri attending while knowing full well that hezballah and aoun won't.
now as the "regional conditions" become ripe aoun will be left holding the bag just like in 2009. they will probably throw him a bone he can use in the media like "we've returned the rights to the christians" of 2009. remember guys don't laugh, respect your elders.. HAHAHAHAHA!!!.. umm, sorry I couldn't help it

Missing helicopter 10 November 2014, 19:19

Berri: Local, Regional Conditions are Promising for Parties to Agree on Presidential Candidate ............
Flagrant admission of sellout to regional powers and he gets away with it. If regional events will dictate if we will have a president and who will the president be, then why on earth do we need 128 MPs with high salaries and who are bankrupting Lebanon with their corruption. Will the people wake up and push all these thieves out?