Hizbullah, LDP and PSP Coordinate Stances in Meeting at Arslan’s Residence

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A meeting was held between members of the Lebanese Democratic Party, the Progressive Socialist Party and Hizbullah at the residence of LDP leader MP Talal Arslan in Khalde, a statement said Friday.

The statement said that Wafiq Safa and Bilal Dagher represented Hizbullah while MP Akram Shehayyeb and Salah al-Btedini attended the meeting on behalf of Walid Jumblat’s PSP.

In addition to Arslan, LDP’s Liwaa Jaber and several other involved officials met with the Hizbullah and PSP representatives, the statement said.

It added that the conferees stressed their continued coordination and routine joint meetings to follow-up the circumstances.

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Thumb jabalamel 30 September 2011, 19:44

psp is meeting with hezb'allah and jumblat is going to meet hariri

connecting the dots?

Default-user-icon MTL_GUY (Guest) 01 October 2011, 09:19

we all know jumblat is a bastard, we hate him, as much as you do, he's unwanted everywhere, even if he were to change sides, we wouldn't want him; kill him if you want; fu$k if I care

It's not like you haven't been thinking about it, by pointing a gun to his head anyway