Kataeb: Leniency in Garbage Crisis Unacceptable, Privatizing Landfills is Govt.'s Duty

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The Kataeb Party noted Friday that any “leniency” regarding the garbage landfills and the privatization process would mean that “corruption will remain in ultimate charge of this file,” stressing that privatizing the landfills is the government's duty.

In a statement issued in the afternoon, Kataeb insisted that “the government must take charge of the waste management file, and the authority over privatizing the landfills must be its duty.”

It clarified that the government must be in charge of this file is because of many considerations related to “public order, which is the government's task.”

"Giving this task to private companies will put it under the mercy of those who have political influence,” it added.

The party stressed that “giving this task to private companies will lead to the withdrawal of some companies from the tender because they will treat this file commercially and not politically.”

"This will reduce the limitations of the tender to its minimal level and will increase the bill of the service to its maximal level,” it continued.

Kataeb noted that “the party had put so much effort into this file and the government must implement a mechanism to find locations for the landfills by assigning this task to governors and municipal unions within a timeframe that does not exceed a month.”

The dispute regarding the garbage crisis has taken a political turn. Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq, supported by Kataeb's ministers, have asked for a “technical” extension for the Naameh landfill's operations, while the ministers of the Progressive Socialist Party have refused any extension.

PSP chief MP Walid Jumblat had previously warned the government that his party “will not accept delay anymore,” threatening public protests to put an end to this file.

Kataeb called for “dealing with the file of waste management responsibly,” saying that it counts on Prime Minister Tammam Salam regarding this issue.

"The garbage crisis must be addressed responsibly and any leniency on the privatization of the landfills means that corruption will remain in ultimate charge of this file,” it added.

On Thursday, the cabinet failed anew to reach an agreement on the treatment of solid waste, which prompted officials to issue warnings that streets would be flooded with trash.

The contract with Sukleen, which is the company responsible for collecting garbage in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, expires on January 17.



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Missing thatisit 09 January 2015, 22:50

So the kateab are fighting against corruption or just showing off. The best thing to do is privatize with strict government control. they don't need to reinvent the wheel. These practices and management model are readily available. Shiekh Amin can download them fir free on google.