Army Announces 3 More Deaths from Ras Baalbek Clashes

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Army Command announced on Saturday the deaths of three more soldiers from the clashes with armed groups in the Tallat al-Hamra clashes in the outskirts of Ras Baalbek on Friday.

A military statement on Friday said that five troops were killed in the unrest that erupted when terrorists attacked an army surveillance post in Ras Baalbek.

On Saturday, the army said that it was bolstering its deployment in the area where the fighting took place.

It is continuing its pursuit of the remaining terrorists, who fled towards the higher altitudes of the outskirts.

It also continued on shelling the routes the gunmen have been taking, as well as their vehicles and fortifications.

Scores of gunmen have been killed and wounded in the clashes, added the army statement on Saturday.

The army had held the funerals of several of its victims on Saturday.

Military sources told LBCI TV that the army found a map shows the gunmen's objective from seizing Tallat al-Hamra was to encircle the Tallat Umm Khaled hill before moving to Ras Baalbek, but the army foiled their attempt.

The state-run National News Agency stated that "the Civil Defense transferred the bodies of six terrorists to Central Bekaa hospitals including the five bodies that were previously transferred to Hermel hospital".

Meanwhile, Al-Jadeed TV reported that Hermel Hospital denied receiving any terrorist's dead body from those who died in Baalbek outskirts.



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Missing thatisit 24 January 2015, 13:54

RIP soldiers
The army should investigate the high level of losses within its ranks fighting the bearded scums. Kahwaji is all but focused on the presidency and not making sure our army is well trained and equipped- should let go

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 14:37

The U.S.A and Zionist Israel, are the broodmothers of IS, Al Nusra and the rest of the takfiri scourge.

Default-user-icon Jaafar Ibn Iblees (Guest) 24 January 2015, 14:41

Is that a martyred khomeini jihadi terrorist family in your avatar?

Default-user-icon mystic@full.disclosure@bill.the.butcher (Guest) 24 January 2015, 14:44

well said mystic

Thumb freedomarch 24 January 2015, 22:31

God bless the Lebanese army and the USA for its support to the only Legitimate armed forces.

Missing maroun 25 January 2015, 01:33

Mystic you forgot to add your master Assad to the list

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 24 January 2015, 14:37

Southern, you should go for quick check of the box you carrying between your ears, with other people its called head.
Warmongers, terrorist state and other blessings. in thousand years you wouldn't achieve what the Jewish state south of you did in 65 years. Frankly speaking Southern: does Arabs really need Jews and Israelis to fight? as Arabs killing each other with greater success.

Default-user-icon (Guest) 24 January 2015, 14:42

well said

Default-user-icon illegitimate&illiterate.southern (Guest) 24 January 2015, 14:44

so poetic and couldn't have said it better.

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 14:53

Let the army be unrelenting, and let those terrorists that are captured get the full wrath treatment of the army. I honestly don't know why to procrastinate, let those that are captured be executed soon after, after they are juiced of all information. For God's sake, let the army give them the harshest treatment, no mercy.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 15:10

Then you should not support the M14 phoenix, and neither the LF for that matter, who broke the LAF during the civil war to begin with?

Deserters from the LAF formed the LF, and started their own secterian agendas, instead of fighting for a united Lebanon.

Israel and the U.S will never let the LAF become a strong army, which is why it will remain weak aslong as M14 keeps draning them and await false Saudi/french deals that never arrives.

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 January 2015, 12:14

hypocrite humble.. even as they attack the army and a christian village he's still defending the terrorists and finding them excuses.

if it was only hezbollah they were after why are they beheading soldiers and attacking ras baalbek? dont bother answering especially if it's to try to divert the simple question with your usual trash.

traitors will be traitors, that's all there is to know about you.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 15:11

Phoenix you want rid of the Resistance, fine. If the LAF become a powerful army, and are enabled to fight back Israel and other aggressions without hesitation, then there wouldn't be need for a Resistance.

Aslong as we have the pro American and pro zionist politics draining Lebanon, and pushing the army down in the dirt, then there is always need for the Resistance always, to support the army from the sick minded pro zionist politicians at home.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 15:19

On that note, there will probaly always be a pro zionist entity in Lebanon, which is why the Resistance will remain.

Thank God for the Army and Resistance.

Default-user-icon Jaafar Ibn Iblees (Guest) 24 January 2015, 16:01

is that a martyred khomeini jihadi terrorist family in your avatar?

Default-user-icon Jaafar Ibn Iblees (Guest) 24 January 2015, 16:05

is that a martyred khomeini jihadi terrorist family in your avatar?

Missing VINCENT 25 January 2015, 02:20

You point out good relevant facts, but what about Iran? Isn't Iran a major role player in the geopolitics of the region?

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 17:16

Watch out for the Electronic resistance Mr. anonymous texas

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 17:49

I already answered you that, but a wahabi stooge such as yourself will deny it. I will let the ordinary readers look it up themselves.

The U.S forced the Lebanese government not to take arms from Iran, M14 followed suit. Claiming Israel would consider all of Lebanon it's enemy if such an approach occured, which frightened the pro americans alot.

The U.S openly threatened the Lebanese for it.

Now what is people going to believe. Some fool on Naharnet or real facts on the ground?

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 18:20

There was no IS or Al Nusra at Lebanons doorstep, during the period you mentioned. There was the Israeli occupation of the South, the Resistance dealt with that.

Iran has been the enemy of the US since 1979, so of course they would not let them arm Lebanon even in the 90s.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 20:34

texas, even when all odds points against you, you walk into defensive mode and repeat your same garbage over and over again.

Every person with a brain on this forum, can directly see that you're just desperately arguing in circles.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 21:08

You would know, if you'd read my comments and looked at my links.

Read them, and stop asking the same questions that i've answered, it is becoming ridiculous.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 21:40

Iranian drone, copy of the RQ-170 would be in the LAF hands, if they accepted real deals, instead of rusty western garbage from landfills.

Just an example. It would be a good marker for LAF artillery, against ISIS/Nusra takfiris.

Thumb nickjames 24 January 2015, 22:42

Loooool same argument everyday, and Mystic can't answer a simple question. Texas, we all know that Western blockades only permitted Iran to arm terrorists and not the army loooooool

Thumb nickjames 25 January 2015, 01:13

Iran could've sent arms to strengthen an entire LAF division -- 15,000 troops. Your arguments are pathetic. Bottomline is Iran could have easily sent the LAF arms in the 1990s. It was already sending arms to Syria and Hezbollah, and you guys are trying to say blockades and sanctions preventing Iran from arming the LAF?? Lmao. Iran could have flown arms to Syria then UPS Ground to Lebanon (which was under Syrian occupation so a naval blockade couldn't stop that from happening)

Missing VINCENT 25 January 2015, 02:52

Mysic: Some people have the tendency to ignore or misinterpret facts/data that do not support their point of view and, instead, search for or say anything to give the appearance of a fabricated corroboration of their agenda. During the civil war those who betrayed the "Wattan" were greedy and did not appreciate the value and worth of Lebanon. The only way Lebanon may survive this geopolitical blow is for every Lebanese to identify himself/herself with the Wattan as purely Lebanese. The most dangerous threat to Lebanon's survival are the Palestinian camps placed inside Lebanon which constantly prolongs conflict and forces Lebanon to participate in these deadly geopolitical war games.

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 15:18

(1). Mystic, Bachir Gemayel always stood with the army and the state, at a time when your sides were totally against it. Ya khaye, I told you before, I cannot but respond to you as a true friend. But the problem with you is this: You constantly refuse to accept the wrongs of your side yet keep floating my side's. During the civil war, the Muslims of Lebanon stood against the state of Lebanon, against its constitution and its institutions, the army first in line, walaw, how many of the Khatib family did their part in this with Yasser Arafat? Had it not been Bachir's firm stand to fight against you guys till when you regained your patriotism and senses back, Lebanon would long since been a Palestinian state and you people would have just been fitted in some sorts, period.

Thumb nickjames 24 January 2015, 16:15

Yes yes yes yes. The Muslims were the ones who deserted the army and formed the Lebanese Arab Army, remember Mystic? The Muslims defended the Palestinians, who had no rights in our country, all because they wanted more seats

Thumb nickjames 24 January 2015, 16:19

Mystic's problem is indeed refusing to acknowledge his side did wrongs, when every side did wrongs. Rather than acknowledging his side did wrongs, he furthers incites strife with Hezbo rhetoric and propaganda

Missing peace 24 January 2015, 16:26

exactly, just as when they say that only M14 collaborated with syria and led Lebanon to bankruptcy, only M14 are corrupted, only M14 stole the country when politicians from all the sides stole the country! but they never will acknowledge it, bad for their propaganda!

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 15:21

(2). Mystic. When you came back to your senses, Bachir showed you all that he was the smartest and most patriotic of all and proved that he stood for a nation for all instead of some kind of strange caliphate. The LF? Come on now, stop joking, I'll leave the LF when you leave Hezbollah, mni7 heyk? Mystic, if you read my posts wel, you will see that have no hostility towards Hezbollah, and that I was constant as always that HA needs to reintegrate the ranks of the Lebanese and into the army and surrender the weapons to the state, simple. But I have also warned that this is a time process and that if HA ignores it, that it will ultimately pay the price of its arrogance. Then if you read well, you will notice my shift to being a person of the enter, neither with M14 nor with M8.

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 15:27

**Meant to say CENTER instead of enter...***

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 15:26

(3). Mystic. When M14 does things right, I commend it on this forum, and when it does wrong, I criticize it. I have also done the same towards M8. Now do excuse me with Aoun I cannot but be hard for this man is the very worst sickness that came to Lebanon, so I know he will never change. Even though I remain in the LF, but don't think that it's a simple ride for me, even if Geagea is the LF leader today, that doesn't mean that I accept his lines every time either. But I also understand your feelings when you get sore with Hakim, well, after all, he's been doing what he's been doing all the time, stand in the way of your projects, I know, it won't please you. Whatever, , what I see is that you and I can conduct a civilized discussion, unlike some toads in this forums who cannot but create some silly idiotic alias when all along they are so easy to detect. A toad can't be a bull you see?

Default-user-icon flamezrower.wiz.wingz (Guest) 24 January 2015, 16:07

I hope you were not referring to me:)

Thumb nickjames 24 January 2015, 16:21

Same with me. When M14 guys say stupid things I make fun of them just as I would with M8. And I don't agree with all of Geagea's stances just because he's leader of the LF.

Missing peace 24 January 2015, 16:28

don't forget they tend to have binary minds: the good ones and the evil ones! their life is only in black and white, they fail to see the colors....
so as long as you are against hezbollah it means you are pro israel or pro nusra or pro saudi! LOL
how can you discuss with such obtuse minds?

Thumb nickjames 24 January 2015, 16:49

It's pure ignorance. And what shocks me is the stupid Aouniyeh on this site are like that too. I know some Aouniyeh, and I never heard them support what Hezbollah does. Not once did they say Hezbollah are protecting us, instead they say that Aoun had no choice but to ally with them. Yet, the idiots like Flame and Roar worship the sectarian terrorist Islamic militia

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 20:52

The Resistance you all hate so much, were peasants before the civil war erupted. When too much humiliation is done to a group, they take up arms.

Phalangists on the other hand, started killing innocent palestians in buses, which started the whole war.

That is the problem with the LF and Kataeb, a few of their members gets assassinated and they destroy a bus full of women and kids in retaliation.

Thumb nickjames 24 January 2015, 22:33

Mystic, do you even know what happened on 13 April 1975? Did you know armed PLO guerrillas were driving by a church and opened fire on Phalangists? Did you know Pierre Gemayel was wounded in the incident?? This was all before the bus massacre.

Missing peace 24 January 2015, 22:47

"The Resistance you all hate so much, were peasants before the civil war erupted.When too much humiliation is done to a group, they take up arms. "
no politicians ever dared develop akkar and people are still "peasants",the region is the poorest, but no one took up arms, rather they still trust the lebanese army... unlike hezbi lovers filling their pockets on iranian funds...

Missing humble 25 January 2015, 02:36

Ebola is the one attracting all the diseases.

Missing VINCENT 25 January 2015, 03:01

Mystic: You are wrong. The first is a provocation, and the second a response to that provocation. The Palestinian thugs were long before kidnapping and killing innocent Lebanese of Christian faith long before the people stood up against them. I have personal knowledge of these things. We speak of knowledge because our beliefs are grounded in "reality" not fabrication.

Thumb Machia 25 January 2015, 11:04

Being a peasant is the most honourable and beautiful profession.
Instead of taking arms and selling their souls to Iran, the peasant's leaders could have formed coops, unions and other forms of associations to develop their landd.
Instead they sold themselves and the lives of their children first to the PLO, which they then rejected, (those peasants actually welcomed the Israelis with rice in 1982), and then to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Thumb eli-g 24 January 2015, 16:01

Fallen Heros

Thumb eli-g 24 January 2015, 16:28

@ terrorist All Lebanese are worthy. Don't let hate blind your better judgment.I know your views but all Lebanese remain brothers.

Thumb geha 24 January 2015, 18:04

Rest in peace heroes and death to Nusra, IS and hizbushaitan who brought these terrorists onto Lebanon.

Default-user-icon mega.ado.bemoss (Guest) 24 January 2015, 18:35

well said mega.ado.australia

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 19:21

I've seen the pictures of the dead Nusra and IS evil terrorists, yow. plenty of them littering the ground. I just love these people when the army kills them, truly truly, my weekend feels a lot better. May we see many more of this evil getting killed. My heart and prayers go to our heroes of the Lebanese Army.

Thumb Loubnani 24 January 2015, 19:44

God bless our heroes. May they rest in peace and may God bring solace to their families.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 20:39

"New" rusty garbage from the U.S landfill. That wreckage dates back to the 60's texas, ofcourse your beloved U.S are more than happy to provide the LAF, old weapons from their dumpsters.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 21:04

Hehe,, Iran would've given drones.

Missing humble 25 January 2015, 02:37

Ebola is the one attracting all the diseases.

Thumb Machia 25 January 2015, 10:51

Thank you our heroes. You died to protect every citizen of Lebanon.