Report: Jumblat Requests to Delay his Testimony before STL

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat reportedly requested the Special Tribunal for Lebanon to delay his testimony before the tribunal in former Premier Rafik Hariri assassination in February 2005.

According to al-Akhabr newspaper published on Thursday, Jumblat filed a request before the STL to make him the last witness.

Observers said that the Druze leader and close ally of former PM Hariri is preparing for his testimony and aims at lessening its impact on the dialogue among the political arch-foes, in particular al-Mustaqbal and Hizbullah, and to maintain stability and security in Lebanon.

Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal representatives held their fifth round of talks under Berri's sponsorship in Ain el-Tineh on Tuesday night.

They issued a terse statement underlining “their rejection of (celebratory) gunfire on all occasions, in all Lebanese regions and under any excuse.”

They also followed up preparations relating to the completion of the security plan in the eastern Bekaa Valley.

Officials and journalists who were close to Hariri have been testifying in court on the former PM's deteriorating ties with Syria, the neighboring country's increasing resolve to have more influence on Lebanon's internal affairs and growing concerns by the international community regarding the foreign political pressure exerted on Lebanon.

The STL is tackling the 2005 assassination of Hariri and 22 others during a major bombing in Beirut.



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Thumb barrymore 05 February 2015, 08:11

this character has no values or morals. What he says depends on how the wind blows and who pays most. The truth is the truth and does not depend on circumstances or political stands.

Thumb -phoenix1 05 February 2015, 12:59

Jombie will never change, as you rightly said Barry, he is checking the wind first, and see who pays most for his words. Indeed, he and people like him are the furthest from morals, even when his hour will finally come, he will try to squeeze his last dollars from the highest bidder. We have another one like him, and his name is old man Aoun.

Thumb nickjames 05 February 2015, 08:30

Jumblatt always playing smart... He knows he'll be assassinated if he says the wrong things, thus he needs time to carefully prepare for his testimony.

Default-user-icon humble (Guest) 05 February 2015, 10:40

He is so much afraid to be assassinated like his father and grand father. Beside they threatened him with his son. Does it make more sense why Jumbo is trembling and why he says what he says?

Missing humble 05 February 2015, 11:01

Jumbo lives in the fear of being assassinated like his father and grandfather. Beside, they threatened him to assassinate his son. So we can understand better why he is trembling and why he says what he says.