Cabinet Crisis Subsides as Salam Calls on Ministers to Resume Meetings

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Prime Minister Tammam Salam called Tuesday on the cabinet to resume its meetings, stressing that consensus shouldn't be a reason for obstructing the work of the government.

“Priority is to activate the work of the state effectively and smoothly,” Salam said in press release.

He pointed out that discussions with the rival parties led to a breakthrough in the government crisis.

“After contacting all parties represented at the cabinet... and reaching a conviction that the current political state compels everyone to safeguard the government and fortify its unity... I consider that my national duty obliges the elements of the national consensus to give the maximum priority to activate the work of the cabinet.”

The premier stressed the importance of “evading the narrow interests based on the national pact, which allows the diversity in opinions without turning it into a paralysis tool.”

Salam expressed hope that the goodwill of the political arch-foes “would become a new opportunity for a more productive cabinet,” reiterating calls for the election of a new head of state to restore balance to the constitutional institutions.

The differences between the ministers on the amendment of the mechanism prompted Salam to suspend sessions in the past two weeks giving way for the cabinet members to reach an agreement on the formula, which he wants it to be based on article 65 of the constitution.

The current mechanism, which was adopted after the cabinet assumed the prerogative of the president in accordance with the constitution, states that ministers should give unanimous support to the government's decisions.

But it proved to be troublesome after some ministers resorted to veto power.



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Thumb khallas_ba2a 03 March 2015, 15:53

Since the 90's all we hear in every speech / statement is "new opportunities", "safeguard", "maximum", "more productive"etc etc but in reality nothing has changed and at a standstill. It's like watching football match with no ball.