Mustaqbal: Hizbullah Pushing Country to Danger, Trying to Impose Presidential Candidate

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc accused Hizbullah on Tuesday of seeking to “impose its presidential candidate as a sole nominee,” blaming it for the ongoing presidential vacuum.

Criticizing remarks by Hizbullah politburo chief Sayyed Ibrahim Amin al-Sayyed, the bloc said his statements “clearly show who is obstructing the election of a new president.”

Dialogue over the presidential crisis “must occur in the right place … and the serious way to discuss the electoral issue should be through dialogue with MP Michel Aoun,” al-Sayyed said following a visit to the headquarters of the the Tashnag party on Monday.

Mustaqbal warned that his remarks “maintain the presidential vacuum in the country and consequently expose the Lebanese state to reckless bets and all kinds of dangers.”

It accused Hizbullah of “taking the country hostage” with the aim of “securing the election of a certain candidate, without respecting the democratic mechanism for the election of presidents.”

The bloc also held the party responsible for “pushing the country to a higher level of danger, after it subjected Lebanon to enormous threats through its unilateral decision to take part in a regional axis and in the fighting in Syria alongside a tyrant regime.”

“Hizbullah has chosen its candidate for the president and this is its right, but it is now trying to impose him as a sole nominee on which all Lebanese must agree,” Mustaqbal lamented, urging the party to “leave the freedom of choice to the Lebanese people and its lawmakers.”

Turning to the issue of the controversy over the mechanism of cabinet's work in the absence of a president, Mustaqbal called for “abiding by the stipulations of the Lebanese Constitution in a strict manner, without inventing precedents or norms that violate the Constitution.”

Lebanon has been without a president since May when the term of Michel Suleiman ended without the election of a successor. The vacuum has created a debate on whether to change the mechanism at cabinet.

The differences between the ministers on the amendment of the mechanism prompted Prime Minister Tammam Salam to suspend sessions in the past two weeks giving way for the cabinet members to reach an agreement on the formula, which he wants it to be based on Article 65 of the Constitution.

The current mechanism, which was adopted after the cabinet assumed the prerogative of the president in accordance with the constitution, states that ministers should give unanimous support to the government's decisions.

But it proved to be troublesome after some ministers resorted to veto power.

Earlier on Tuesday, Salam called on cabinet to convene on Thursday.


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Thumb kanaanljdid 03 March 2015, 21:09

"Hizbullah Pushing Country to Danger"
Saba7 l 5er !

Thumb Mystic 03 March 2015, 21:22

The next President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun inshallah ya rab.

Missing greatpierro 03 March 2015, 23:38

Obviously you d not know what democratic elections mean b

Default-user-icon Basil (Guest) 04 March 2015, 10:26

There is dialog possible with Iran's agents in Lebanon, they hold the arms, and threaten the state, they don't want a democratic solution. You and your Hizb Iran masters are paid agents serving a theocracy in Tehran trying to further its regional influence acting against the majority will and the interests of Lebanon.

Thumb Mystic 04 March 2015, 13:11

Actually the majority of Lebanese inside Lebanon, backs the Resistance & Gen Aoun as President. That immigrants outside Lebanon objects that are of no concern.

Missing rami 04 March 2015, 11:59

Moustique, no one wants a bresident on a walker, the country is already slow enough.

Missing greatpierro 04 March 2015, 14:31

Well than if the majority of lebanese back the resistance (which I do not believe) then lets the presidential candidates go through the election process and vote for the favorite president.

Missing humble 03 March 2015, 23:35

Ebola is a disease. They destroyed coexistence. In 2006 I applauded them, now I hate them. By being their agent and servant the Caporal is destroying the Christians for the next one hundred years.
Only blinds and traitors cannot see.

Missing greatpierro 03 March 2015, 23:39

Of course it is the right of evey party to hold on to his candidate. But it is the right of no one party to sabotage the democratic process and elections.

Thumb canadianpaul 03 March 2015, 23:39

Aoun doesn't care. He blocked the formation of government for months, because he wanted his son-in-habileh to be a minister (even though he failed in the elections). Then, he delayed the formation of the so-called unity government for months, because he wanted his son-in-habileh to keep milking the Electricité du Liban. And now, he'll wait as long as he needs to until he gets what he wants.

His followers are unfortunately blind, choose to be blind, or are getting paid to be blind.

Missing humble 03 March 2015, 23:50

When the Caporal begs the Saudis, his followers do not even see it.
Not only blind, but braindead.

Missing coolmec 04 March 2015, 00:09

Aounis not begging the Saudis. he is horribly preventing the election of a president. His motto is Aoun as president or the vacuum.
Unfortunately the country as a whole and the Christians in particular are paying the price. he is marginalizing the Christians just for his own interests.
he should be hung as a traitor

Missing humble 04 March 2015, 00:30

Yes he is begging. When he says : "we have always been friends". When he invites the Saudi Ambassador for lunch at Rabiyeh and declares : " Saudi Arabia has always been a friend to Lebanon". When he goes to Riyadh on the day of death of King Abdullah and kisses the monarch and other princes including Mr it NOT BEGGING? Then what is it?

Missing coolmec 04 March 2015, 00:50

Sorry I was not aware he invited the Saudi ambassador for lunch nor did I know he went to KSA. Humm I better keep updated on local news. Thanks for the info

Missing humble 04 March 2015, 02:01

God bless you my friend.

Missing helicopter 04 March 2015, 04:42

NO No no
F.T. is not stupid, he is Sectarian with distinction. He admitted to me in a previous post recently(to his credit)that HA arms are first and foremost to ensure that the Christians do no exercise the constitutional rights granted to them by the taef accord. Currently Aoun is the only Christian leader that can help HA achieve that.

Missing peace 04 March 2015, 18:05

urging the party to “leave the freedom of choice to the Lebanese people and its lawmakers.”

what is wrong with that M8ers?