Al-Rahi Voices Grave Concern over Ongoing Presidency Crisis

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi expressed grave concern on Sunday over the ongoing presidential vacuum and its repercussions on the constitutional state.

“We lack the inner sight... and politicians need to realize the impact of their political practices on the state,” al-Rahi said during a mass at Bkirki at the end of centenary of the death of Saint Rafqa.

He called on the rival parties to understand the risks compelled by vacuum, noting that the “country's economy is paralyzed.”

MPs failed for the 20th time last week to elect a new head of state over lack of quorum. President Michel Suleiman's term ended in May without the election of a successor.

Hizbullah and Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun's Change and Reform bloc have been boycotting electoral sessions due to a disagreement with the March 14 camp over a compromise presidential candidate.

Al-Rahi also expressed fear over the ongoing Syrian refugees crisis, calling on foreign and Arab countries to return the displaced to their homes.

“They are having negative impacts on the economy, security and political situation in the country,” he noted.

An estimated 1.18 million Syrians have fled their country's bloody conflict to take refuge in Lebanon, which has struggled to deal with the influx as the war enters its fifth year.

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Missing humble 22 March 2015, 14:34

Dear Batrak,
You know by now that the caporal is a traitor destroying the Christians. You need to excommunicate such an evil mind and soul.

Thumb lebfrcan 22 March 2015, 15:04

@humble: i was thinking if our Batrak announces that any maronite MP that does not go to parliament for the next session to elect a president will be automatically excommunicated.
Now that is a bold statement that will change the dynamic.
The politicians will run to parliament, not because they care so much about being Christian but from fear of not being able to run in the next MP elections or become president.

Missing humble 22 March 2015, 20:25

In full agreement with your proposal.

Default-user-icon (Guest) 22 March 2015, 19:04

Thank god that FT keeps giving this chrisrushlau guy the thumbs up. He agrees with him that the maronites in taef usurped the muslims in general and the shiite's majority in particular inalienable rights and that the shiite majority should be ruling Lebanon. FT in harmony with himself when he support Aoun who, regardless of what the fpm's public image and rhetoric claim, is also working tirelessly behind the seen to help the shiite majority get their god given democratic right.

Missing humble 22 March 2015, 20:30

Caporal is now kissing the hand of KSA and Hariri.
Followers of Caporal, shut your mouth and follow the liar who is cheating you.

Default-user-icon Amir (Guest) 22 March 2015, 23:01

It is not that the economy is paralyzed, it is the politicians brain which is paralyzed.
You should no longer show concern, start showing anger.
Sad situation, but it is real.........hopeless so far.

Default-user-icon PEACE (Guest) 22 March 2015, 23:19

Being born to Christian parents does not imply us to be Christian. What shows our Christianity is our behaviour, discipline and solidarity with the rest of Christians. Therefore Michel Abdul khameni is not Christian and has no right to run for presidency (He is not running for presidency but being an imposed puppet by Iran).
The harm he caused to Christians is far worse than IS.
It is very clear that Just to preserve some unity the CHURCH is not excommunicate him.

Missing coolmec 23 March 2015, 04:47

pajama boy
what the heck is that??