Barrichello Bids to Extend Record Career


Brazilian veteran Rubens Barrichello Thursday said he is ‘talking to the whole paddock’ about extending his Formula One racing career, already the longest in the sport’s history.

While seven-times champion German Michael Schumacher, 42, may be the oldest driver in the field, Barrichello, 39, has started the most races in an unbroken career that began with Jordan at the South African Grand Prix in 1993.

Last weekend, in Japan, he took part in his 318th Grand Prix -- a record -- and, fearing he may be released by Williams, said he is desperate to keep on driving.

"I want to be racing. They can see that coming from a crash and the problem I had [in practice in Japan] that to put in a qualifying lap like that -- they know I have so much motivation going through," Barrichello said.

"So with that it only helps their thinking, but at the end of the day I already said what they need to know. I am here. I am ready to talk about anything with regards of anything for me to be here next year.

Barrichello qualified 13th at Suzuka, one place ahead of team-mate Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado. He finished 17th in the race.

"Whatever it takes, wherever -- I want to be racing next year," he said.

"So I am talking to the whole paddock and the situation here is no different, they know what I would like to have next year -- and the only thing I would like to have next year is a competitive car."

In his long career, he has raced for Jordan, Stewart, Ferrari, Honda and Brawn, before joining Williams.

He has won 11 races and taken 14 pole positions.

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