Two More Saudi Soldiers Killed on Yemen Border

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Two more Saudi soldiers have been killed on the border with Yemen, the interior ministry said on Friday.

"Two soldiers from the border guards were martyred during an exchange of fire at a border point in Asir region" in Saudi Arabia's southwest, said the ministry's spokesman cited by the official Saudi Press Agency.

The deaths come a day after the ministry announced the first casualty -- a soldier shot from across the border in the same area -- since the kingdom launched a coalition against Shiite Huthi rebels in Yemen on March 26. 

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Thumb Mystic 03 April 2015, 23:40

Splendid job.

Thumb freedomarch 04 April 2015, 00:52

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Missing 04 April 2015, 01:13

Mystic - you are a very sick man. You did not see people gloat over the death of many Houthi terrorists.

Thumb theresistance4.0 04 April 2015, 03:13

Yes because the Monguls, Eurpoean Barbrians, Nazis, Sovets, ISIS, Al-Qeada, Al-Nusra (and all other WAHHABI minions whom you are really from but pose as a Chritian) where all "SHIA". I just love reading Salaifa mongrels speak...more popcorn plzzz :)

Missing 04 April 2015, 03:59

Ashrafieh - what you said is totally unacceptable. Indeed, it is disgusting and have no place in a civilized discourse. I fully understand that many here who support the m8 camp have sold to the 'Devil,' and it is frustrating to watch the defend utter monstrocities, this however does not justify stereotyping the followers of a whole sect as 'Devils.' It behooves you to apologize for such comment.