Army Intelligence Detains Asir Supporters in Abra

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army intelligence detained three supporters of fugitive Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir, media reports said on Tuesday.

Ali, Ahmed and Ali Ahmed Hijazi were arrested in a raid carried out by troops in Abra in the southern city of Sidon.

Later on Tuesday, the army intelligence arrested another of Asir's supporters, identifying him as as W.B. who is said to be a security official among the cleric's backers, reported the National News Agency.

Earlier, Asir called on his supporters to hide away to avoid falling in the hands of Lebanese security forces, in particular in Sidon.

“I have exerted all my efforts to make my Umma triumph, but unfortunately my brothers are being chased, tortured and killed amid a fatal silence by the sons of my religion in Lebanon,” Asir said via his twitter account.

On Monday, the army said in a communique that it arrested late on Saturday Mohammed Ojail and Hassan al-Dghaily for forming a terrorist cell in the region of Sharhabeel east of Sidon.

A large number of weapons, ammunition, hand grenades, and rocket-propelled grenades were seized from their residence.

Al-Asir and singer turned fugitive Islamist Fadel Shaker are reportedly hiding in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh that lies in Sidon.

Sidon’s clashes between the army and supporters of al-Asir have resulted in the death of at least 16 troops.

Many of al-Asir's supporters, who were involved in the battles that erupted on June 2013, have been apprehended.



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Missing alyanko10452 28 April 2015, 11:33

That's great.
Interesting that some Hezb members also deserve to be arrested, but they appear to be above the law.

Thumb Mystic 28 April 2015, 12:07

These Asiri takfiris killed and murdered LAF servicemen, that doesn't matter to you at all.

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 April 2015, 13:18

They will use Samer Hanna's blood for their propaganda, day and night for years on end, even thought it was an accident and the shooter was handed to authorities. But when they see saudi and qatari-funded groups deliberately killing hundreds of soldiers, from tripoli to abra, to arsal they suddenly don't really care anymore... go figure.

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 April 2015, 13:21

gotta love when shortie complains about his members being "tortured". he didnt seem to mind back then:

Thumb Mystic 28 April 2015, 13:53

Mon dieu, what will you do about it mon takfiri frère? C'est scandaleux.

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 April 2015, 15:28

When you'll have condemned the hundreds of killings of soldiers by your saudi/qatari funded friends at least 1/100th as intensively as you have condemned this accident slash, you will be credible.
In the mean time you're just someone who hypocritically tries to exploit a tragic event for the benefit of his own propaganda.

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 April 2015, 15:32

Hors sujet pyjama, et en plus tu ne racontes que des bêtises... Non seulement aigri et haineux, mais aussi minable, bête et gamin... Triste personnage.

Thumb freedomarch 28 April 2015, 15:40

This time I agree with you Mystic 100%, when it comes to the Lebanese Army we should remove our sectarian hats and be patriots.I salute our army against anyone who goes extreme left or or right.

Thumb eagledawn 28 April 2015, 11:41

dear army intelligence: any news regarding the "yellow" color of the KIA used by the party of terror to assassinate minister Shatah or how did the body of the yemeni houthi terrorist get admitted and buried in Lebanon.... I thought I'd ask....

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 April 2015, 13:16

it's not you "memory" that is failing, it's your lie attempts.

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 April 2015, 14:09

Don't think for a second I deem you worthy of being "talked" to. I merely slam your dirty lies as they come out of your mouth

Thumb -phoenix1 28 April 2015, 12:39

One less terrorist, many more to go, guess where they're hiding?

Thumb freedomarch 28 April 2015, 15:46

At least you will be able to see bikini s on the Sidon Beachs ....

Default-user-icon Moustafa Badredine (Guest) 28 April 2015, 13:16

Innocent untill proven guilty..

Thumb freedomarch 28 April 2015, 15:51

Yes proven, for Asir at least.

Thumb whyaskwhy 28 April 2015, 13:24

Hope they stop all the terrorists in Lebanon, the country is sick and tired of these revolutionists willing to kill themselves for their stupidity.

Missing helicopter 28 April 2015, 16:54

Agree Southern, and I would like to add that the Iranian HA rank and file should also be put captured and either put in jail or shipped to their country of loyalty Iran. HA is killing Lebanon's institutions, culture and all the national opposition figures.

Missing helicopter 28 April 2015, 16:58

Right on f.t., but the job shall remain incomplete until the Iran/Assad sponsored elements within Lebanon (HA leads that pack) are also captured and deported. We want our glorious Lebanon back.