Aoun Decries Bid to 'Empty Christian Posts' in Presidency, Army Command, Says Won't Tolerate Extension

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun on Tuesday accused rival parties of seeking to “empty” the Christian posts in the presidency and the army command, as he stressed that the FPM will not tolerate any attempt at extending the terms of security chiefs.

“The state is collapsing and it became a 'skeleton' after the fall of its Constitution,” said Aoun at a press conference after the weekly meeting of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc.

“They are claiming that Aoun wants to be the president and we're saying that we want a strong president who would properly represent the Lebanese,” he added.

“We are not refusing to acknowledge the figures who represent the Sunni and Shiite sects but they must also recognize our representatives,” Aoun underlined.

Citing an example from the region, the FPM leader noted that the Christians of the Arab countries diminished “because they did not exist as citizens” and because they did not have any role in “decision making or in their countries' influential institutions.”

Turning to the controversial issue of security appointments, Aoun accused “some parties” of seeking to “empty the Army Command of competent officers” and to carry out a second extension of the term of incumbent Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji.

“I did not say that I want to appoint my son-in-law (Commando Regiment commander Brig. Gen. Chamel Roukoz) as army chief, but I want the appointment of the army commander to occur in line with the applicable laws,” Aoun clarified.

“If we cannot select a commander out of 500 brigadier generals, let us dissolve the army,” he lamented.

Stressing that any attempt at extension would be “impermissible,” Aoun vowed to take “measures” to confront such a move.

A dispute had erupted earlier this year between Aoun and Defense Minister Samir Moqbel over the latter's extension of the terms of some senior security officials. Aoun slammed the move, saying that the minister exceeded his privileges.

For his part, Moqbel defended his measure, explaining that it adhered to the Constitution.

The MP went so far as to withdraw his confidence from the minister over the extension of the term of the head of the Higher Defense Council, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Khair.

The military positions in Lebanon are suffering as a result of the months-long presidential vacuum in light of the parliament's failure to elect a successor for Michel Suleiman. The vacuum also threatens the positions of Army chief Qahwaji and Internal Security Forces chief Major General Ibrahim Basbous.



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Thumb ex-fpm 28 April 2015, 18:03

Aoun: Who are the influential Christians in the state and its institutions?

you and your entourage are not enough?. What have you done to reclaim the post of Director of General Security back to the Christians? Are you not “ONE” body with hezbollah? Can’t you borrow a body part from them and make it Christian again?

Aoun: There are competent officials who can build the institutions but nowadays competency is not the rule.

that is why your son in law has been a minister since 2008.

Aoun: I did not say that I want the appointment of my son-in-law but I said that I want the appointment of an army commander and to remove those who are serving in an illegitimate manner.

How about before appointing a commander for the army, you help appoint the commander in chief of the army i,e. the President.

Thumb ex-fpm 28 April 2015, 18:17

Aoun: We are not refusing to acknowledge the figures who represent their sects but they must also recognize our representatives.

Of course you do, that’s why you wrote a one way ticket to hariri and appointed Miqati who “represents” his sect.

Aoun: We are not begging for "our posts."

Then go down to parliament and earn your post by electing a president.

Thumb justin 28 April 2015, 18:27

great points @exfpm!

Thumb Mystic 28 April 2015, 18:08

General Aoun is on the rise, while the Geagea is falling. The Saudis ditched Geagea in favor of Qahwaji.

Bye bye "7akim"

Default-user-icon 7akim (Guest) 28 April 2015, 18:14

Bye bye

Default-user-icon 7akim (Guest) 28 April 2015, 18:16

Bye bye, where are you going are they sending to Syria for Jihad?

Thumb Mystic 28 April 2015, 18:35

Yes texas, I know very well that you would like a new Saudi stooge, just like Michel Suleiman. Guess what, that mistake will not happen again.

Qahwaji lost all respect, when he started bowing down to the Saudis wahabi welfare.

Thumb Mystic 28 April 2015, 18:49

The whole Lebanese army constitution can't be based around one individual commander texas, in that regard I see that you recognize the LAF are so weak, that it belongs to one man called Qahwaji?

The Lebanese Armed Forces belongs to Lebanon and nobody else, which is why Qahwaji has broken the LAF code by taking a political stance, being a pro Saudi.

I want the Qahwaji gone from the Commander post, there are many better ones for the job. Now this is what I am thinking, then you can judge how you want, being an American based Wahabi yourself.

Thumb galaxy 28 April 2015, 20:02

Mystic and his warriors should watch this video:)
هروب جماعي لقوات النظام من معارك ريف إدلبهروب-جماعي-لقوات-النظام-من-معارك-ريف-إدلب

Missing cedars 29 April 2015, 05:46

If Israel hit Iran and Lebanon which state will you defend first?

Missing helicopter 29 April 2015, 07:25

@ cedars,
According to Mystic, your question is faulty. Lebanon to Mystic and his likes is not a State, rather Lebanon is part of welayat elfaqih under the command of waly elzam walmakan the Supreme Ayatollah.

Thumb liberty 29 April 2015, 07:39

great video;)))

Thumb popeye 28 April 2015, 18:08

all you hear this creature do is blame blame and then some more blame. All he says is "they this and they that".... he lives in his own delusional world.

Thumb the.treating.psychiatrist 28 April 2015, 18:08

The Antediluvian yearns to become president at whatever the cost to the people and the country while everyone else has already realized that's never going to happen. So until he hopefully, with treatment, comes to that obvious conclusion himself, Aoun will as usual do what any animal in nature does when it's cornered, act erratically and blindly lash out at everything around him!

Missing humble 28 April 2015, 23:27

This is happening right now!

Default-user-icon the_roar (Guest) 28 April 2015, 18:24

FT = the most informative poster this site has ever seen by a country mile
No wonder his posts are removed within minutes of them being posted.

Thumb beiruti 28 April 2015, 18:29

And who's hand collapsed the Lebanese Constitution? It is Aoun and his boycotting of electoral sessions of Parliament. His general complaint of the loss of political privilege of the Christians is also by his own hand. By trying to monopolize all Christian political rights to members of the Aoun Family, Aoun has not only made impossible demands on the non-Christian members of the political class, but has alienated his natural allies in the Christian political class. This guy is a disaster. He brays about the problems that he himself has created.

Thumb tric.portugal 28 April 2015, 18:38

Great General Aoun!

Missing 28 April 2015, 20:41

You do know he is unfortunately a Lebanese and according to you a 'Takfir'.

Thumb marcus 28 April 2015, 19:31

week after week we have to put up with this man's lies and distortions. Parliament is not far to go elect himself president.

Missing karim- 28 April 2015, 19:56

The parties seeking to empty the Christian posts..

18/04/1989 بري: لن نقبل برئيس ماروني بعد الآن
30/06/1989 حزب الله يعلن الولاء المطلق لآية الله السيد علي خامنئي
01/09/1989 حزب الله يعلن حرب مفتوحة مع الموارنة معتبرا حملة عون على سوريا هي حملة لابادة المسلمين
21/09/1989 حزب الله : نرفض رئيسا مارونيا ونرفض الذل تحت اسم التعايش مع النصارى
13/10/1989 حزب الله : سنمزق اتفاق الطائف
20/10/1989 بري: غير معنيين بالطائف والقبول به خيانة
12/11/1989 حزب الله: الطائف استسلام للمارونية السياسية واسرائيل

Missing karim- 28 April 2015, 19:58

18/04/1989 Berri: We will no longer accept a Maronite president
30/06/1989 Hezbollah declares absolute loyalty to the Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei
01/09/1989 Hezbollah declares open war on the Maronites calling Aoun's attacks on Syria a campaign to exterminate the Muslims
21/09/1989 Hezbollah: We reject the Maronite president and reject the humiliation in the name of coexistence with the Christians
13/10/1989 Hezbollah: We will tear up the Taif Agreement
20/10/1989 Berri: We are not interested in Taif and accepting it is a betrayal
12/11/1989 Hezbollah: The Taif Agreement is a surrender to the Maronite political system and Israel

Missing 28 April 2015, 20:35

The man is lunatic. He will not agree to an extension at a time where the political elite cannot agree on a replacement. And he blames others for doing exactly what he is doing 'Emptying Christian Posts'

Thumb geha 28 April 2015, 21:15

the role of this guy is one thing: the destruction of Christian presence in Lebanon.

Missing humble 28 April 2015, 23:24

Did you see him? He is on his high end...look at his eyes, face, body, hands...the drugs are no longer sufficient:
At the end he says " cannot tolerate anymore: tofe7 el keyl"

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 28 April 2015, 22:10

Uncle FT I got something much healthier we don't want the general to get a coronary with your red meat, this one is even made with him in mind

Default-user-icon chef (Guest) 28 April 2015, 22:34

Aoun was so ridiculous dispensing his exaggerated bull today not even flame would attempt to defend him, he just posted a favorite recipe.

Thumb nickjames 28 April 2015, 23:04

“If we cannot select a commander out of 500 brigadier generals, let us dissolve the army,” he lamented.

-- 499 of whom have been disregarded in favour of your son-in-law. Let's dissolve the army lmaoooooo what a clown...

Missing humble 28 April 2015, 23:37

From inner circle of FPM: Caporal is still waiting for a word from Hariri after he finishes his visit to Washington. A close MP told him that the position of Hariri is positive to choose him. Another person who was present agreed totally and insisted that Hariri has a different position than Saniora.
In my opinion, they are lying to him because he is in an awful neurasthenic crisis...

Missing humble 28 April 2015, 23:44

Parfaitement vrai.

Default-user-icon lucy in the sky (Guest) 29 April 2015, 04:52

truth magic mushrooms eh, explains so much of the habitual nonsensical rants of the trolling full timer

Thumb eagledawn 29 April 2015, 08:28

one cannot even begin to start pointing out the pointlessness and irrelevance of your comment, so instead, i'm gonna share with you a yummy recipe for a white chocolate and blueberry cheesecake:

Missing alyanko10452 29 April 2015, 09:06

The 2nd worst thing after hezb in Lebanon is aoun.

Default-user-icon Assaad (Guest) 29 April 2015, 10:58

M.Aoun n'a plus rien à perdre. Si on dit qu'il est fou, ça lui fait plaisir. Il faut responsabiliser personellement chacun des deputés du Tayyar et leurs alliés. L'éléction du president est responsabilité personnelle de chacun d'eux.

Missing humble 29 April 2015, 11:08

Look at the madman how he treats the journalist of MTV:

Thumb -phoenix1 29 April 2015, 17:02

Imam Ali (AS) said that the tongue is only a piece of meat held into the mouth by muscles and ligaments, yet the tongue is strong enough to destroy whole societies. This man Aoun, this summit of all failures and insanities will never change, never, insane or briefly sane, this man has two personalities and both are evil. He commits his crimes, yet all too readily accuses his opponents and critics of the crimes he commits. Wlak ya Aoun, zi7 minil darb, and let us elect ea new president! Wlak enta ma bit za2eff, wala byitza2aflak, wala bit zi7 min darbel za2iffeh!!