Police Arrest 2 People Involved in Murders

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Security forces announced on Saturday that they have made in the past few days major arrests of criminals involved in separate murders.

A communique issued by the Internal Security Forces said police in the area of Saloumi-Sin el-Fil apprehended a top Palestinian fugitive, who had been involved in the murder of Ghassan Adnan al-Eid.

Al-Eid was shot when a gang robbed his mobile phone shop in the area of Dohat Aramoun late last month.

The Palestinian was armed at the time of his arrest. He is wanted on several charges, including belonging to a terrorist gang and armed robbery, said the communique.

Police had previously arrested another member of the gang, a Lebanese who was shot during the robbery, it said.

Also Saturday, the ISF announced the arrest of a man in Bourj Hammoud for killing his mother and nephew.

The 46-year-old had stabbed the minor and killed the woman at dawn Saturday.

Security forces in Bourj Hammoud and municipal police arrested the suspect, who was injured after he jumped from the second floor balcony, said the communique.

He is also wanted on drug charges, it added.

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Thumb Mira96 03 May 2015, 01:18

How can people kill like this? Astaghfirallah, may Allah guide the people to Islam, including the Muslims who have strayed.

Thumb Mira96 03 May 2015, 03:56

In what way is Islam a cult? A fifth of the worlds current population is Muslim :/ Islam is as far away from a cult a religion could be. Islam is the religion of all the Prophets may peace be upon them, from Adam to Muhammad. Isa (Jesus) was a Muslim (Mushlam in aramaic). Islam means submitting/surrendering to Allah who created us and it did not start with the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He is the final messenger sent to mankind, not the first. Many have used such rethoric as you are using before yet they ended up reverting to Islam, Alhamdulillah. May the one and only God open your eyes and heart to the truth and may he soften your heart and make you just, ameen.

Thumb Mira96 03 May 2015, 03:59

Please visit www.islamreligion.com and learn what Islam is about. Even if you don't wish to revert, at least have the decency to be fair. You wanna call Islam a cult and portray it as violent then please know that the same and more can be said about christianity. In fact, that is actually why many europeans are atheists today, because their opinion of the religion that they grew up with appeared violent and cultish to them. And what the symbol that you have as profile picture stand for probably didn't exactly do much to change their opinion.

Thumb Mira96 03 May 2015, 03:48

Suicide bombing is a new phenomenom, it doesn't come from Islam nor has it only been used by misguided Muslims. As for beheadings, you do know that christians have a history of beheading people? Christian secular armies today destroyed several countries with their wars. We also saw horrible massacres, tortures, rapes by christian militias in Lebanon, Serbia and elsewhere not long ago that were done openly in the name of the cross. You might wanna check what christian terrorists in CAR have been up to lately. Please understand that terrorism has been committed by people of all faith, ideologies and backgrounds.

Thumb whyaskwhy 03 May 2015, 09:33

Bistro read the thread again as it does not mention anything about his religion? but you assume hes a misguided Muslim immediately just because hes on drug charges? amazing.

Thumb Mira96 03 May 2015, 16:50

Whyaskwhy, i was speaking in general. People today are astray, including many Muslims. I don't associate drugs with any religion.

Thumb Mira96 03 May 2015, 16:53

Really? Please read your comments and then tell me who is brainwashed. You want to blame Muslims for violence but not Christians. Subhan Allah.I invite you to not associate any partners with your lord and creator Allah subhanahu wa ta3aala and to renounce the lies atrributed to him. He is not in a trinity and he has no son. I invite you to accept Isa and Muhammad peace be upon them as Prophets sent by God and to not make up lies about them. May Allah guide you and me, ameen.