No Solution Looming in Horizon on Cabinet Crisis

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanon has likely plunged in an open-ended cabinet crisis after consultations on the controversial issue of the appointment of high-ranking security and military officials failed to produce results.

Speaker Nabih Berri did not confirm to his visitors whether Prime Minister Tammam Salam would be able to call for a cabinet session this month or if the paralysis would last longer than the holy month of Ramadan which starts on Thursday.

Berri stressed that the PM is in charge with putting the cabinet agenda in the absence of a president. “No minister can interfere on the agenda but he can make objections during a session.”

The speaker, whose remarks were published in al-Joumhouria newspaper on Wednesday, was referring to warnings made by Free Patriotic Movement officials.

The FPM and their allies Hizbullah, the Marada Movement and the Tashnag Party have said they would stop the government from discussing any issue before addressing appointments of the top security and military officials.

Aoun has been lobbying for the appointment of his son-in-law, Brig. Gen. Chamel Roukoz, the head of the Army Commando Regiment, as military chief.

An Nahar daily quoted officials close to Salam as saying that he would continue his consultations with the concerned parties upon his return on Thursday from a one-day visit to Cairo.

The PM has suspended the sessions over fears that the dispute would lead to a clash among the rival parties.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 17 June 2015, 13:24

Im sure they all had a nice lunch and a good smoke afterwards. Also pretty sure Berry issued another warning...yadda yadda yadda..

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 17 June 2015, 13:24

in all civilised and democratic countries when there are problems with the political institutions they resort to the people by referendums , early elections ,...
so what our government waiting for ? outside orders ?!!!!
god bless democracy

Thumb -phoenix1 17 June 2015, 14:34

The Hezbollah-led M8 coalition has one aim, to make Lebanon destitute by paralyzing all its constitutional institutions thus bringing about a technical KO for the nation and the state. Once done, Hezbollah was hoping that it could impose its hegemony over all the country. But sadly for Hezbollah, none of its plans is working, Aoun is still waiting in limbo for that promised seat, and with time his mental health deteriorates further, Sayed hassan is till buried deep underground, having to hop every now and then to a new spot, Hezbollah and its patrons are all facing reverses in the region and beyond, and the funny thing is this: Lebanon is still standing on its feet, so let's ask why? Because the Lebanese Army is here to make sure that the country stays standing, till our politicians at M8 realize that they are indeed wasting their time first in line. Now you wonder why they are all aiming at the best general ever, General Qahwaji?

Thumb beiruti 17 June 2015, 15:24

Lebanon is an amazing country. It does not have a government and yet that has not hampered national life at all. Everything still runs, Beirut looks like a farm of cranes as one high rise after another is under construction. Tourists come, hotels and restaurants are packed, as are the beaches and the clubs. It is a vibrant place that does not have a government. The Lebanese have this capacity to govern themselves without the middle man of the government. The Army provides them with all the protection they need.
Berri, Aoun, Parliament and the Presidency are all unnecessary to the national life. Government may be paralyzed, but Lebanon and the Lebanese are not. All in government should take notice of this fact that by their obstinacy they are making themselves irrelevant in their own country.

Thumb beiruti 17 June 2015, 15:25

And as for Hezbollah thinking that Lebanon can become the new Iran, or ISIS thinking that Beirut can become Raqqa, others have tried, none have succeeded and this latest bunch are not nearly as good as the PLO was.

Thumb chrisrushlau 17 June 2015, 19:02

Lebanon does not even have an horizon, much less anything looming on it. This according to the Higher Council of Warlords and Immediate Family Members. Spokesperson Patriarch al Rahi told the visiting Pope, "It's all a matter of attitude. For example, in many countries 'equality' means equal rights, but in Lebanon it means that the Christian share of Parliament, exactly one half the seats, is equal to the non-Christian share, for everybody else. We, the united warlords and their immediate family members, don't need some bleeding heart liberal from Argentina to tell us about justice and mercy."
The Pope added, "C
The Pope replied, "Gosh, I'm sorry I brought it up; but could I get one of those neat Army berets before I go back to Rome?"