Egypt Sees Sandstorm and Earthquake on Same Day


Egypt faces treacherous weather conditions as a sandstorm blanketed the north of the country and a 5.2 earthquake centered in the Sinai peninsula shook buildings more than 200 miles away in the capital, Cairo.

Airports near Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh, along the Mediterranean coast, closed and diverted flights to Cairo due to poor visibility from the day's sandstorm, Civil Aviation Minister Hossam Kamel said.

In the Red Sea town of Dahab, near the epicenter of the quake in the Sinai peninsula, the tremor shook loose clouds of dust that enveloped nearby mountains, according to a witness. The quake appeared to startle local residents and tourists.

Fierce winds whipped through the capital as many residents took cover from the sand by staying indoors.

No damage was immediately reported from the earthquake.

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Missing jeff 28 June 2015, 18:10

What's next?...Locusts?