March 14: Lebanon is being Subject to a Fierce Coup Attempt Setting up the Lebanese's Future for Execution

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية

The March 14 General Secretariat stressed Wednesday that Lebanon is currently being subject to a "fierce coup attempt" the aim of which is to restore the situation in the country to what it was before March 14, 2005.

It said in a statement after its weekly meeting, read by its coordinator Fares Soaid: "Hizbullah revealed this plan itself when it announced its refusal of the facts and political, national, and popular equations."

"It aims to change the situation through a general who represents the previous security regime in the country, who was followed by MP Michel Aoun and his call to citizens to civil disobedience," it added.

It highlighted the March 14 forces' efforts in bridging the gap between it and Hizbullah, recounting its efforts in the July 2006 war and its attempts to issue resolution 1701 under chapter six of the U.N. Charter instead of chapter seven.

"Despite the occupation of downtown Beirut and obstructing the functioning of parliament to thwart the formation of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the March 14 forces extended its hand to Hizbullah, a day after the approval of the tribunal at the U.N. Security Council, in order to restore unity," it continued.

Soaid continued that the March 14 forces adopted openness towards Hizbullah after the clashes of May 2008 and even after the forces won a majority in the 2009 parliamentary elections, forming a national unity government that included party members.

"Unfortunately, the Hizbullah leadership welcomed all this with attempts to thwart matters of that enjoyed Lebanese consensus: the STL, resolution 1701, Palestinian possession of arms outside refuges camps, Lebanese desire to overcome the memories of the civil war," said Soaid.

"Hizullah's ongoing kidnapping of the Lebanese situation for external interests is rejected and will lead to great chaos … No one had the right to violate the rights of a million and a half Lebanese who were united and reconciled, Muslims and Christians, to defend Lebanon," the statement stressed.

"The March 14 forces vow to move forward in order to maintain sovereignty and independence, reach a state of law, and support the international tribunal," it concluded.

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