Dozens Dead as Rebels Fight to Break Aleppo Siege


Syria's regime and rebels were locked in fierce fighting Sunday on Aleppo's western edges, where 41 civilians have been killed in an opposition offensive to break a devastating government siege.

Rebels have unleashed car bombs and salvos of rockets and shells to break through government lines and reach the 250,000 people living in the city's east.

Syria's second city, Aleppo has been ravaged by some of the heaviest fighting of the country's five-year war which has killed more than 300,000 people.

Intense fighting on Sunday rocked western districts, battered by hundreds of rebel rockets and artillery fire, according to Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Two days of heavy rebel bombardment have killed 41 civilians, including 16 children, and wounded 250, according to the Britain-based Observatory.

In a new toll Sunday, it said fighting had also killed 55 regime and allied fighters, as well as 64 Syrian rebels.

Fighting lasted all night and into Sunday, with air strikes and artillery fire along the western battlefronts heard even in the eastern districts, an AFP correspondent there said.

Plumes of smoke could be seen rising from the city.

About 1,500 rebels have massed on a 15-kilometer (10-mile) front along the western edges of Aleppo since Friday, scoring quick gains in the Dahiyet al-Assad district but struggling to push east since then.

"The advance will be from Dahiyet al-Assad towards Hamdaniyeh," said Yasser al-Youssef of the Noureddin al-Zinki rebel faction.

Hamdaniyeh is a regime-held district directly adjacent to opposition-controlled eastern neighborhoods. 

An AFP correspondent saw about a dozen civilians, including women and children, fleeing Dahiyet al-Assad on Sunday. 

They brought belongings stuffed into plastic bags, hoisting them on top of their heads or dragging them along the dusty road.

- 'Massive, coordinated' assault -

A pro-regime military source told AFP that the rebel assault was "massive and coordinated" but insisted it was unable to break into any neighborhoods beyond Dahiyet al-Assad.

"They're using Grad missiles and car bombs and are supported by foreign fighters in their ranks," he said.

Those engaged in the assault include Aleppo rebels and reinforcements from Idlib province to the west, among them the jihadist Fateh al-Sham Front, which changed its name from al-Nusra Front after breaking ties with al-Qaida.

Aleppo's front line runs through the heart of the city, dividing rebels in the east from government forces in the west.

Much of the once-bustling economic hub has been reduced to rubble by artillery and air bombardment, including barrel bombs -- crude unguided explosive devices that also kill indiscriminately.

In late September, government troops launched an assault to recapture all of the eastern rebel-controlled territory, backed by air strikes from Russia, which began an air war in 2015 to support President Bashar Assad's forces.

That onslaught spurred massive international criticism of both Moscow and Damascus.

Last week, Russia implemented a three-day "humanitarian pause" intended to allow civilians and surrendering rebels to leave Aleppo's east, but few did so.

Moscow says it will continue a halt on its air strikes over Aleppo, in place since October 18.

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Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 30 October 2016, 18:03

aleppo will never fall ,sorry naharnet

Thumb marcus 30 October 2016, 18:10

"They're using Grad missiles and car bombs and are supported by foreign fighters in their ranks," A pro-regime military source said.

Anyone who is not Alawi or Shia is considered a foreign fighter according to the regime. Yet, the shias from Lebanon, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Iraq and Bahrain who are fighting in Syria alongside the criminal regime are not "foreign" fighters.:)

Thumb Mystic 30 October 2016, 20:28

Your salafis come from Uzbekistan, Libya, Tajikstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Somalia, Jordan, Israel, America, Europe etc. Since year 2011 after Gadaffis fall.

Yet you complain about the Resistance that first intervened in 2013.
Yes you are the real foreigners.

Thumb janoubi 30 October 2016, 20:54

first intervened in 2011 according to nassrallah.

Thumb Southern...... 30 October 2016, 18:32

it's not a sectarian war in Syria, but the govt forces supported by progressive resistances and Russia fighting terrorism of wahhabi ideology, ISIS.... taking into account that more 80% of the syrian army are not Alawis or Shias but belong to the majority of Syrian population (Sunnis) who are happy to be part of a secular regime.

but some sectarian narrow-minded individuals try to spread their hate because they are paid to do so.

Thumb Southern...... 30 October 2016, 18:36

btw, part of Allepo still under terrorist control, soon will be back to normality when the terrorists abandon either to the grave or somewhere in Turkey, to later fly to their countries of origen.

Thumb liberty 31 October 2016, 05:28

can you repeat "it's not a sectarian war in Syria", only this time say it with a straight face.

Thumb janoubi 30 October 2016, 18:45

"it's not a sectarian war in Syria"

nor is it in Iraq !

(الخزعلي: لهذه الأسباب يقاتل الشيعة بمعركة الموصل (شاهد)

"نحن نقاتل قتلة الحسين، هؤلاء القوم هم أحفاد أولئك القوم، مادامت العقيدة هي العقيدة ذاتها، أولئك هواهم وعقيدتهم إعادة حكم بني أمية، كما قال كبيرهم في الشام، هم قالوا".الخزعلي-لهذه-الأسباب-يقاتل-الشيعة-بمعركة-الموصل-شاهد

Thumb Mystic 30 October 2016, 21:51

The Salafi rebels are now bombing Western Aleppo that is sunni.
The Salafi are making ethnic cleansing of Syrian Sunni in Aleppo.

Why do nobody care about the sunni in West Aleppo being bombed?

Thumb liberty 31 October 2016, 05:26

They are bombing shia occupied Western Aleppo;

Thumb Mystic 30 October 2016, 20:30

Russia quit their airstrikes over Aleppo, because of the American pressure.
We can be sure to say, that the only true people that fights to the end is Iran and the Resistance.

Russia seems to still bow down to Western pressure, but Iran will never do that.

Thumb liberty 31 October 2016, 05:18

What happened to your men of god? are they good for nothing without the Russian Air Force? That Putin is a traitor:)

Thumb Mystic 31 October 2016, 07:52

Well they managed to keep Assad in power long before the Russians intervened.

So don't be too happy.

Thumb janoubi 30 October 2016, 18:51

مرتزقة حزب الله اللبناني يصرخون لبيك يا عباس وهم بحالة انهيار يقولون "هجموا علينا بالدبابات" . #سوريا

of course the war in Syria is not sectarian!

Thumb justin 30 October 2016, 19:51

مقتل مسلحين اثنين من "حزب الله" اللبناني في معارك بحلب

Thumb liberty 31 October 2016, 05:27

great news!

Thumb tric.portugal 30 October 2016, 21:36

no urgent meetiing of ONU !!??? to listenning the hipocrats menbers os security conseil, USA-France-UK!!!???

Thumb fadi_albeiruti 30 October 2016, 23:24

I've been seeing your post for a while TRIC-TRAC and not freaking once I understood any of your posts and or even who you support, English is obviously not your strong suite so why not stick with Farsi you Syrian/Iranian boot licking slave, and what and who the hell is ONU? And to Mystic, just shut the hell up and go burry your dead Iranian slaves, Aleppo will become a mass grave for your likes, no weapons or armies can ever break the will of the people, just thank your Russian masters , if not for Russian intervention Damascus would've long fallen and Syrian rebels would've pissed on Zeinab's grave which they will no matter how long it takes and you can thank your coward turbaned leader for what will happen to the Shi3a in Lebanon, Assad will fall, this is not an if but a certainty.

Thumb tric.portugal 31 October 2016, 02:32

"I've been seeing your post for a while TRIC-TRAC and not freaking once I understood any of your posts and or even who you support, English is obviously not your strong suite so why not stick with Farsi you Syrian/Iranian boot licking slave, and what and who the hell is ONU?"
why iu write in "Hebrew"!!!??? iu dont know English!!???

Thumb fadi_albeiruti 31 October 2016, 02:50

Tric Trac I will not comment on your response , I will copy it and paste it below and let the rest of the forum try to make it out.

"why iu write in "Hebrew"!!!??? iu dont know English!!???"