Franjieh Says Ready for Cooperation or Confrontation with Aoun

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman Franjieh escalated his rhetoric on Monday and stressed after a meeting with Patriarch al-Rahi that he is ready for a confrontation as well as for cooperation with President Michel Aoun depending on the latter's messages.

“We refuse Aoun's punishment as a way to deal with us. We are ready to stand by Aoun if he wishes to have new relations with us, but we are also ready for a confrontation is he chooses to fight,” said Franjieh after a meeting he held with al-Rahi.

Franjieh's meeting with the Patriarch came as part of a Bkirki initiative that aimed, according to media reports, to pave the way for Franjieh's meeting with Aoun to ease the differences hampering the formation of a new cabinet.

Although Franjieh's comments were tense, but he hailed Rahi and said: “The Patriarch is the keeper of dignities and we are ready for a meeting with Aoun the way that the Patriarch sees appropriate.”

“Things are on their way to a solution and we will soon meet with (Speaker Nabih) Berri.”

Media reports said on Sunday that the Patriarch is seeking to mend ties between Franjieh and Aoun.

The patriarch had visited Baabda last week to put Aoun in the picture of his endeavor “and it seems that he heard a positive answer from the president,” the reports said.

But on Monday a Marada source told MTV during Franjieh's meeting with Rahi: “There will be no visit to Baabda. Franjieh has not taken a decision yet.”

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah had on Friday announced that the party wants ties to be restored between its two main Christian allies – the Free Patriotic Movement and Marada.

Ties between Aoun and Franjieh were strained after the latter was nominated for the presidency by al-Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri in late 2015.

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Thumb justice 12 December 2016, 13:58

What a fool... he is being manipulated by nassrallah just like he was when he had the presidency in the palm of his hands. Instead, he boycotted the elections and himself at the wishes of the chief iranian terrorist.

Thumb Southern...... 12 December 2016, 14:18

what a fool comment!

btw, he is not "chief iranian terrorist", because is the language of your boss the terrorist state of Israel, they believe that everybody is like them, terrorist.... so, try to be less stupid next time.

Default-user-icon Gladstone (Guest) 12 December 2016, 14:05

As he said he'll soon meet with berri to discuss the next stage of obstruction and delay.

Thumb morsel 12 December 2016, 14:29

yes berri and not nassrallah inflated him.

Thumb Puppet 12 December 2016, 14:36

All my respect and admiration go to Mr. Flamethrower because he knows who the tool wielder is and never tries to protect those who employ him regardless.

Thumb galaxy 12 December 2016, 14:53

the troll flamethrower did not consider frangieh illiterate when he used to count him part of aoun's block. At that time according to the troll, frangieh was a linguist and a professor of fine arts.

Thumb justin 12 December 2016, 16:37

according to the troll above, franjieh is not a Christian anymore.

Thumb warrior 12 December 2016, 23:35

how about you ya troll, do you know your place and size?

Thumb eagledawn 12 December 2016, 16:31

43 minutes ago MP Franjieh from Ain el-Tineh: Speaker Berri has offered us the public works ministerial portfolio and an agreement is still needed over the other portfolios.

that is how the shia of ali run the country. Berri on behalf of nassrallah is offering ministerial posts in accordance with the iranian constitution that aoun swore to protect.

Thumb whyaskwhy 12 December 2016, 23:09

Iran and Syria will get it resolved he will take whatever they throw at him hes no better or worse than any other politician in Lebanon. Bought sold and traded at their whim to insure Israel stays safe.

Thumb thepatriot 13 December 2016, 05:15

The man can't even't read and he wanted to be President... now he is begging for a portfolio... Pathetic...