24 Civilians Killed in Bombing on Syria Town

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Turkish bombardment of an Islamic State group-held town in Syria has killed 24 civilians, a monitor said Thursday, but Turkey's army said only "terrorists" died in the operation.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the dead in air strikes and shelling on the town of Al-Bab in the last 24 hours included 11 children.

Turkey's army, quoted by the state-run Anadolu news agency said it had killed 15 "terrorists" in air strikes, artillery fire and clashes.

Al-Bab is IS's final stronghold in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo and has come under fierce attack by Turkish forces and allied Syrian rebels in recent months.

The joint force entered Al-Bab over the weekend, and Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said Tuesday that the town had "largely been taken under control."

The Observatory however said Turkish forces had made little progress since entering the town from the west.

Turkey began military operations in Syria in August, targeting both IS and Kurdish fighters.

Initially its forces advanced quickly, but they stalled around Al-Bab in December.

The town is also a key target for Syrian government forces, who had been advancing towards from the south.

But they have yet to enter Al-Bab, instead focused on clearing IS-held territory in the surrounding countryside in recent days.

More than 310,000 people have been killed in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011 with anti-government protests.

The war has displaced over half the country's population and drawn in jihadists and international militaries.

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Thumb gigahabib 16 February 2017, 11:23

Erdogan the butcher! #Save al-Bab! Genocide!

Thumb Mystic 16 February 2017, 11:51

Genocide against the sunnis of Syria. Where is the world to condemn this?

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 16 February 2017, 11:58

When the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documents the tens of thousands of civiliand killed by the regime, the two above hypocrites accuse it of being propaganda. It is a crime if done intentionally and total incompetance is it was an error. But genocide, it is not. The one that slaughtered tens of thousands of civilians and liquidated tens of thousands of prisoners is the Assad regime that you support. Shame on both of you.

Thumb _mowaten_ 16 February 2017, 12:15

that's a lot of words takfiritheocrat.com, more than you needed to say if you just said the truth: you don't give a rat's behind about Syrian civilians, all you care about is fulfilling NATO's instructions.

Thumb willy.pete222 16 February 2017, 12:55

Mowaten is the modern day version of Joseph Goebbels who said “ “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

if you don't know who I mean ..you should !

look it up

Thumb walid121 16 February 2017, 13:06

_Mowaten_ I'm not a big poster here but I have been using this site for over 57 years and recently I have been liking your posts, your the only one shia informing these deluded ignorants. :)

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 16 February 2017, 15:02

Mowatan Safawi ... Here is responding in kind to you. Blah blah Blah Blah Nato Blah. Grow up or get an education

Thumb _mowaten_ 16 February 2017, 15:41

safawi? in kind? loool you buffoon

Thumb Puppet 16 February 2017, 16:12

I have the utmost respect for Mr. Mowaten because he is nice, wise and never tells a lie.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 16 February 2017, 18:11

Mowaten Safawi .... You write like a baffoon and a person with no honor supporting war crimes on a mass scale. You have indeed no honor.

Thumb eagledawn 16 February 2017, 12:09

Good we have you on the ground to report exactly what's happening, and what the casualties were. Is it cold in Al Bab?

Thumb _mowaten_ 16 February 2017, 12:16

do you no longer believe the SOHR? I thought it was your bible

Thumb justin 16 February 2017, 12:43

it seems you started to believe them ya troll;)

Thumb _mowaten_ 16 February 2017, 15:39

I don't see why they would lie to incriminate their ally.

Thumb gigahabib 16 February 2017, 16:29

Good that ParrotDawn can cut and paste my comments.

Thumb eagledawn 16 February 2017, 12:08


no, you believe the syrian observatory for zionist propaganda based in london, 15000km away from the warzone and manned by one monkey with a keyboard and a direct link to alhayat terrorist media.. "

Thumb Southern...... 16 February 2017, 12:32

i can't believe that the so-called "ArabDemocrat" and the one who likes to be called @eagledawn defending an authoritarian bloody dectador killer like Erdogan in his invasion of Syria and the mass killing of Syrians, while they accuse the Syrian govt troops by "criminals" when they attack ISIS terrorists.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 16 February 2017, 15:03

Slizern .... You are a typical lier. lie the lie and then lie more

Missing CFTC 16 February 2017, 12:52

Daring and Provocative
Factual and Unbiased

Always going where no one else dares

What can one say, another E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T comment. I particularly enjoyed the part where you said " all you care about is fulfilling NATO's instructions."

Thank you for making this forum lovely, lively and vibrant.

Still laughing since January 2015 when you said the $3 billion Saudi grant was only to teach our soldiers the French language.
Thank you

Yours Sincerely