Huge Baghdad Car Bomb Kills at Least 45

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A massive car bomb ripped through a used car market in southern Baghdad Thursday, killing at least 45 people in the deadliest such attack this year, security officials said.

The Amaq propaganda agency linked to the Islamic State group (IS), which has claimed nearly all such attacks recently, reported the blast and described it as targeting "a gathering of Shiites."

Mobile phone footage circulated on social media showed charred bodies and extensive destruction in the Bayaa neighborhood where the explosion went off around 4:15 pm (1315 GMT).

"A terrorist car bomb attack struck near car dealerships in Bayaa and resulted in the deaths of 45 people," a spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command said in a statement.

An interior ministry official gave the same figure and said at least 60 people were also wounded.

He said the emergency services were struggling to cope with the scope of the attack and warned that the death toll may rise.

The explosion occurred in the same Bayaa neighborhood in southern Baghdad where a car bomb blast killed at least four people on Tuesday.

At least 11 people were also killed in a suicide car bomb attack claimed by IS Wednesday in a northern neighborhood of the Iraqi capital.

Baghdad was rocked by a wave of deadly suicide bombings during the first days of 2017 but relatively few explosions had been reported since then until this week.

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Missing 16 February 2017, 18:12

And that is why ISIS must be eliminated.

Thumb ice-man 16 February 2017, 18:18

How Sad........

Default-user-icon lqu7 (Guest) 16 February 2017, 22:16

why only 45?

Thumb gigahabib 17 February 2017, 12:27

The Iraqis need to get their act together and wipe out all Wahhabi scum within their broders.

Thumb eagledawn 17 February 2017, 17:20

Who says I'm Shia, or even religious?"

Thumb gigahabib 17 February 2017, 20:08

Yeah, Wahhabists are very tolerant of atheists. Yeah, I forgot.

Thumb justin 17 February 2017, 20:30

@giga mental giant, are you also shia but atheist like mowaten and southern?

Thumb gigahabib 17 February 2017, 22:36

The important thing is I'm not a Salafist, like you and parrotdung above.

Default-user-icon gigaheretic (Guest) 17 February 2017, 17:17

well said jcamerican