Rifi Criticizes 'Hizbullah's Armed Appearance' in Dahiyeh

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Former Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi slammed “Hizbullah's armed manifestation” in the southern suburbs of Beirut on Friday, saying it confirms the “state's resignation in favor of statelets,” his media office said in a statement on Saturday

“Although Lebanon's security forces are capable of uprooting drug dealers and contraband promoters, we instead saw yesterday a manifestation that confirms the State's resignation in favor of statelets,” said Rifi in his statement.

“Hizbullah has staged an armed appearance in Dahiyeh, showing the contradiction that this party expresses with the State and its institutions,” it added.

Addressing President Michel Aoun, Rifi asked referring to the President’s statement that defended Hizbullah's arms and asked: “What you stated earlier about the army's incapability to defend Lebanon, does it apply now to the security forces as well? Are they incapable too of protecting the social security of the Lebanese?”

“I pose the same question on the entire government specifically the Ministers of Defense and Interior. The Lebanese are waiting for clear answers from their officials on what happened. We will follow up on the issue until the end,” stated Rifi.

Pictures of masked Hizbullah members in black-clad went viral on social media on Friday, as reports said they spread out in Bourj al-Barajneh refugee camp in the evening in a campaign against drug dealers and gangs.

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Thumb ex-fpm 01 April 2017, 15:15

it must be the complimentary plan to Nuhad Al Mashnouq's 20th security plan for dahieh;)

Thumb mahdi-firuz-berhouz 01 April 2017, 18:00


simply genius, simply legendary!

the way you present arguments leave them dizzy and bewildered.

In other words, you are some sing anazar flamesrower!

Thumb justin 01 April 2017, 15:19

the irony,... uprooting drug dealers and they are the drug dealers themselves. This has nothing to do with drug dealers and everything to do with undermining the state.

Bless you Aoun, Bless you Hariri and all the ruling corrupt class.

Missing patriot10 01 April 2017, 15:24

They are uprooting the rivals

Thumb Mystic 01 April 2017, 17:04

Jews and Gulf Arabs best friends.


Missing peace 01 April 2017, 17:32

your point? you boast that iran still has jews living there so your remark applies to them too , no? LOL

Thumb Mystic 01 April 2017, 18:20

Those jews are visiting Bahrain from Israel, they are not natives of Bahrain saudi peace.

Thumb justin 01 April 2017, 18:43

Israeli leaders meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in NYC

Thumb Mystic 01 April 2017, 19:04

If they are Israeli leaders, then why so they carry Palestinian Flag badges on their chest?

Some Jews are actually anti Israel you see.

Missing peace 01 April 2017, 19:11

'Those jews are visiting Bahrain from Israel, they are not natives of Bahrain saudi peace."

oh? really? it says in the article that you have not read it seems = "The Muslim monarchy of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa held a candle lighting ceremony on Saturday night attended by the local Jewish community"

"local community", not visiting bahrain...you did not read that? poor miss tic always caught in his propaganda....

Thumb ashtah 01 April 2017, 19:45

mystic was born with lies in his mouth; a lousy propagandist.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 01 April 2017, 23:54

Mystic throwing in an irrelevant topic so people do not talk about the usurpation of power by Hizbollah state

Thumb Kalzyturks 02 April 2017, 03:48

I don't usually comment much but That Mystic was A Fail.

Thumb thepatriot 02 April 2017, 05:45

You're an Idiot Mystic!

Thumb liberty 02 April 2017, 05:48

the article is about an iranian terrorist murdering militia parading its criminals right under the nose of the Lebanese state and its security agencies and the devil worshiper from iran quotes an article about jews meeting in Bahrain !


Thumb Mystic 02 April 2017, 14:17

Cry with Rifi guys, that's all you people are good for.

Thumb eagledawn 01 April 2017, 15:21

but when asked why the terrorist iranian party does not arrest the criminals and drug dealers in the Bekaa, @mowateh answered :

It's not their job. The resistance is not the police"

Missing patriot10 01 April 2017, 15:24

Where are the drones when we néed them the most?

Thumb galaxy 01 April 2017, 15:27

Ashraf Rifi God Bless you
Down with the iranian hezbollah

Thumb Mystic 01 April 2017, 16:24

Rifi is ISIS, and we are all well aware of that.

Missing peace 01 April 2017, 16:41

we are all aware that all against hezbis are isis or zionists for you... so who cares what you bark?

Thumb galaxy 01 April 2017, 16:47

looool @ 'we" as in heretics

Thumb Mystic 01 April 2017, 16:48

Heretics are ISIS, and you people support ISIS. You both follow the same wahabism sect.

So it make sense, you are the ones barking about weapons, but in reality we all know without the Resistance weapons, you would've opened Lebanon up for ISIS and Israel.

Thumb Mystic 01 April 2017, 16:48

Saudi dogs are good barkers.

Thumb Mystic 01 April 2017, 17:05

So what else are You? Of course you are one of the things, just be honest.

Missing peace 01 April 2017, 17:27

once again you just prove my point, your binary mind just bugged again....

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 01 April 2017, 18:03

the article is about hizballah in dahieh not raqqa ya troll:))))

lulz @flame the muffin man

Missing peace 01 April 2017, 18:54

@ muffinman:

SO? your point? what do i have to do with arabdemocrat? your brain bugs too it seems...

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 02 April 2017, 00:48

Dishonest muffinbrain, I dare you to show the link so people can see the context. And no I do not support ISIS and think that they are a despicable organization. And yes, under ISIS Raqqa was one of the safest cities because ISIS and the regime had a deal

Thumb thepatriot 02 April 2017, 05:48

lool oompa!

Thumb i.report 01 April 2017, 15:43

It's all about opportunism. Rome collapsed , islam took its place in the Middle East and North Africa.. Byzance collapsed, again Islam took its place. More recently Germany collapsed, the USSR took it place, when the USSR collapsed, NATO took its place in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. On a smaller scale, the Lebanese state collapsed because of the civil war, and Hezbola took its place. If anyone needs proof, they run a parallel economy, telecom, military, but they are cursed because they remain a minority in terms of demographics. For those who dream of a united country, wake up, Iran will never allow it and we will have to fight Iran and Hezbalaflouz if we really want it .

Missing peace007 01 April 2017, 18:19

Rifi is a secterian troublemaker.

Thumb justin 01 April 2017, 18:39

anybody who criticizes your iranian militia is a sectarian trouble maker

Thumb marcus 01 April 2017, 18:45

Rifi Criticizes 'Hizbullah's Armed Appearance' in Dahiyeh

and that makes him sectarian ya heretic???

Thumb ashtah 01 April 2017, 19:46

to a shia from iran, yes :)

Thumb eagledawn 01 April 2017, 21:03

peace007 Yesterday
That type of language gets us nowhere. Time to work together for the sake of the ordinary citizen.

Thumb barrymore 01 April 2017, 21:41


Thumb shab 01 April 2017, 23:53

And there you have it, picture of a filthy murdering militia. They know it, and therefore hide their face.