Bou Assi Says Electoral Law Averted Vacuum and Threats


Social Affairs Minister Pierre Bou Assi of the Lebanese Forces has stressed that the approval of a new electoral law has spared the country political vacuum and several threats.

“Certainly it is not the best law, but had we not achieved this law... we would have been talking today about vacuum, the destruction and paralysis of institutions and social, economic and security threats,” Bou Assi said.

“I salute our comrade, MP George Adwan, on all the efforts he exerted,” the minister added.

Adwan, who is the LF's deputy leader, had played a key role in promoting the new electoral law, which is based on full proportional representation and 15 electoral districts.

The law was ratified by Parliament on Friday after months of political wrangling. It paves the way for the first parliamentary elections in nine years.

Parliament had extended its term twice since the last elections in 2009.

Under the agreement, the current parliament's term will be extended once again, but this time for just 11 months to prepare for elections under the new rules in May 2018.

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