Military Source Says Lieberman Remarks 'Totally Contradict with Reality'


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman's claim that the Lebanese Army has become “an integral part of Hizbullah” is a statement that “totally contradicts with reality,” a Lebanese military source has said.

Lieberman's remarks “carried a level of contradictions that cannot be taken seriously,” the source told al-Joumhouria newspaper in an interview published Wednesday.

“Lieberman considered that the Lebanese Army has become an integral part of Hizbullah, and this statement totally contradicts with reality, seeing at the U.S. and the UK are offering generous military aid to the Lebanese Army and they have confirmed that they will continue equipping the army while voicing their continued confidence in the military institution,” the source said.

“The Lebanese Army is fully independent and it implements the decisions of the political authority,” the Lebanese military source added.

The source also stressed that the army's “main mission is to protect all Lebanese territory and it has nothing to do with linking fronts or any fighting outside the border.”

The Army Command issued an official statement later on Wednesday noting that the remarks attributed by al-Joumhouria to the military source "do not reflect its stance, regardless whether these remarks are correct or not."

Lieberman said Tuesday that Lebanon and Syria would constitute "one front" in the event of any future war.

"There is now only one front in the north composed of Lebanon, Syria, Hizbullah, the Bashar al-Assad regime and all those who help his regime," Lieberman added, claiming that the Lebanese Army has lost "its independence by becoming an integral part of Hizbullah, which gives it its orders."

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Thumb s.o.s 11 October 2017, 14:00

who's the "source"? Some Iranian financed mite?

Thumb s.o.s 11 October 2017, 16:16

Illiterate, komrade is not used in Russian. They say tavarich. Now go Mac’n Cheese (M&C).

Thumb justice 11 October 2017, 14:21

“totally contradicts with reality,” a Lebanese military source has said.

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Thumb ashtah 11 October 2017, 14:23

صدر عن قيادة الجيش – مديرية التوجيه، ما يلي: “ورد في إحدى الصحف المحلية الصادرة بتاريخ اليوم، مقالا يتضمن أقوالا منسوبة إلى مصدر عسكري، يتناول موقف الجيش من تصريح وزير دفاع العدو الإسرائيلي، حول نظرة هذا العدو لموقع الجيش اللبناني في أي حرب مقبلة”.

توضح قيادة الجيش، بأن الأقوال المنسوبة إلى المصدر العسكري في المقال المذكور، لا تعبر عن موقفها، بمعزل عن صحة هذه الأقوال أو عدم صحتها.

Thumb rocococo 11 October 2017, 15:43

I mean if you heard what aoun said earlier this year, there's no point refuting Liberman's claims.

Missing arturo 11 October 2017, 16:14

A country can only have "one gun." Hezbollah is authorized by the Lebanese government to bear arms -- that makes it an arm of the Lebanese military.

Missing allouchi 11 October 2017, 19:36

Hell with Israel but unfortunately this is true. The Lebanese military is either terrified of Hizb al balla or a puppet for it, just look at the facts, not a single Hizbee has been brought to justice nor arrested nor etc.….just Christians and Sunnis are confronted, arrested, imprisoned etc.

Thumb ex-fpm 11 October 2017, 20:49

Nassrallah says the battle for Arsal outskirts should begin now; the Lebanese army obliges.
Nassrallah calls for a cease fire; the Lebanese army obliges.

Nassrallah transfers the ISIS terrorists in air-conditioned buses; the Lebanese army watches with appreciation.

The Lebanese army allows the terror militia free reign at the borders; they move in and out with impunity.

The Lebanese army facilitates the transfer of arms and munition to the terror militia.

but Lieberman Remarks 'Totally Contradict with Reality'!