Geagea Stresses Adherence to 'Mountain Reconciliation'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea praised the Mountain Reconciliation which was initiated after the civil war by the Progressive Socialist Party and the LF under the patronage of the Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, stressing adamant “adherence” to it.

"The Mountain Reconciliation is the most important step made in the last 50 years because in all the battles and wars that took place in Lebanon we have not witnessed any real reconciliation afterwards,” said Geagea, indirectly lashing at comments made by Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil in that regard.

“The only place that witnessed a genuine reconciliation was in the mountain and with the good initiative of both parties, the LF and the PSP under the patronage of Patriarch Boutros Sfeir,” said Geagea.

Stressing adamant adherence to said Reconciliation, Geagea emphasized: “We are committed to this reconciliation until the end and we will do everything to preserve it.”

"We are very pleased with this reconciliation, which requires additional work so as to help all the people of the mountain return to it. This is the demand of all Christians and Druze alike. I hope that all politician in Lebanon would take this reality into consideration so we can work together in that direction" he added.

On Sunday, Bassil had called for a “political return to Mount Lebanon” during a visit to the Aley District town of Rechmaya.

He made remarks about the killings and displacement that took place in Mount Lebanon during the civil war.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 17 October 2017, 17:09

Three old warlords. What "forces" does Mr. Geagea have, apart from a dwindling bank account?

Thumb Mystic 17 October 2017, 19:15

We call them the Lebanese Cowards, not Forces.

Missing hajjradwan 17 October 2017, 20:11

A philosophical question: If someone screams "Cowards" from the sewers can anyone hear? Mystic could you please ask Hassan Nasrallah to scream "Cowards" I want to test this.

Thumb Mystic 17 October 2017, 21:33

I can rather hear you friends the salafis scream for help.

"Save Aleppo," what a lie.

You lost, so stay silent.

Missing hajjradwan 17 October 2017, 20:03

source? lol

Thumb lebnani4ever 17 October 2017, 18:46

Mr. Bassil is simply an idiot