LF, Kataeb Slam Attempt to Torch Their Offices in Akkar


The Lebanese Forces and the Kataeb Party condemned Sunday an attempt to torch their offices in the northern Akkar district.

“Masked and unidentified individuals attacked the headquarters of our Akkar department in the town of Miniara overnight Saturday, torching the LF flags that were hoisted outside it,” said a statement issued by the LF’s Akkar dept.

“These blatant attempts have not and will not intimidate us, seeing as these are outdated practices that belong to the (Syrian) tutelage era,” the department stressed.

And noting that “the verdict that has been issued in the case of the assassination of President-elect Bashir Gemayel is a clear indication that there will be no turning back,” the LF called on security forces to “arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice to hand them the severest penalties and make them an example for anyone who tries to sow discord and threaten civil peace.”

Kataeb’s media department meanwhile said “the hand of treachery and criminality tried to burn down Kataeb’s Akkar headquarters at the Miniara intersection.”

Openly linking the attack to the death verdicts that were issued by the Judicial Council against Habib Chartouni and Nabil al-Alam in the case of Gemayel’s assassination, Kataeb said the torching attempt is a “materialization of the threats that were launched by groups that do not believe in Lebanon as a final homeland for all its citizens.”

The attack “confirms that the criminal murderers are the same in the past and today,” Kataeb added, urging authorities to “quickly arrest the culprits, prosecute them and hand them the harshest penalties.”

The party also urged its members and supporters to “show restraint,” describing the torching bid as a “cheap attempt to drag Kataeb into reactions that the perpetrators are seeking in order to push the country once again to the law of the jungle.”

Tensions have been running high in the country since Friday, when Chartouni and Alam -- members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party -- were sentenced to death in absentia.

Chartouni has been on the run since he escaped from the Roumieh Prison on October 13, 1990 while Alam reportedly died of illness in Brazil in 2014. The latter’s death has not been officially confirmed.

Bashir Gemayel was a senior member of Kataeb and the founder and commander of the Lebanese Forces militia during the early years of the civil war.

He was elected president on August 23, 1982 while the country was torn by civil war and occupied by both Israel and Syria.

At a press conference that followed his arrest, Chartouni admitted that he killed Gemayel, caling him a “traitor” and accusing him of “selling the country to Israel.”

He said he was given the explosives and the fancy long-range electronic detonator in West Beirut’s Ras Beirut district by Nabil al-Alam, who was reportedly SSNP's intelligence chief at the time.

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Thumb i.report 22 October 2017, 12:02

Guess what will happen to the culprits!! nothing..... impunité for SSNP and Hezbollah

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 October 2017, 01:19

drama queens probably burnt their own flag to have an excuse to cry crocodile tears. not impressed.

if someone wanted to burn their hens they'd be roasted by now.

Thumb ado.qawmisuria 23 October 2017, 16:10

Yes comrade alex they burnt their own flag because if we wanted to burn their hens we would not miss. We are experts in roasting, the best, at the same efficient level of expertise as the roasters of the Resistance. Daesh ain't got nothing on us! Nothing they did we and the Resistance haven't done better before. Even our roastings were accompanied with revolutionary martial music and all the pomp and circumstance they deserve and the only things missing were the cameras filming the events.

Missing humble 22 October 2017, 13:57

Hakim: you made a Historical mistake. The alliance with the 3aouniyeh will lead to dead end.
The 3aouniyeh are allied with Ebola and the Awmi Suri (Ta7ya Suryah) who are traitors. Who allies with a traitor is himself a traitor.

Thumb Mystic 22 October 2017, 15:10

You are the traitors here, supporting collaboration with Israel.

Thumb s.o.s 22 October 2017, 13:58

The only reason why the government and the judiciary didn't order the disbanding and dismantling of SSNP is because they want people to live in fear. There's no other logic reason behind this. And guess who's part of the government?

Thumb Mystic 22 October 2017, 15:08

Then do it instead of all this talk ya batal.

Thumb Mystic 22 October 2017, 15:08

SSNP can crush you American loving scum anytime.

Missing womendoc 22 October 2017, 21:21

Can you understand that for half of the Lebanese Israel and Syria are equally evil?

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 October 2017, 01:26

womendoc and for the other half israel is infinitely more evil. therefore, based on your statement, we have two halves in favor of naming israel the real enemy, and only one half in favor of naming both neighbors our enemies. the people has spoken!

Thumb fadi_albeiruti 23 October 2017, 03:27

You maggot, you talk about your hatred to America yet in Iraq your Iranian militia is fighting on the ground with American air cover, SSNP can crush us? History has taught you nothing, if we piss we will drown the mother fuckers, and let me tell you something, take away the Iranian, Iraqis etc ... out of the ranks of hezb el air and you got nothing, in 2008 your asses got kicked in the Chouf region if it wasn't for Russian intervention the flag of the Syrian revolution would be flying high in the heart of the dumbster [ dahieh ]

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 22 October 2017, 22:46

They can't even decide who their leader is. Antoon Saadeh would be spinning in his grave like a rotisserie chicken in he sees what the Assadi Baath did with his party. Starting in the 1970s they created different factions within it, loyal to them only and controlled by their various moukhabarat, so they can manipulate it with ease.

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 22 October 2017, 22:49

Qawmis couldn't care less about Zghartawis and vice versa.