Blasts Heard in Bekaa amid Reports of Israeli Strikes in Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Strong blasts were heard Wednesday evening in the northern Bekaa towns of Ras Baalbek, al-Fakiha and al-Ain amid low-altitude Israeli overflights over several Lebanese region, the National News Agency said.

“It turned out that the blasts were caused by Israeli airstrikes on the countrysides of Damascus and Homs” in Syria, NNA added.

“The Syrian army fired several missiles at the raiding warplanes,” the agency said.

Al-Mayadeen television and other media outlets said an Israeli strike targeted the industrial area of Hisya in the countryside of Syria's Homs.

"The Syrian army responded with a surface-to-air missile that it fired towards the raiding Israeli fighter jets," al-Mayadeen added.

Israel has sought to avoid becoming directly involved in the six-year civil war in Syria, although it has acknowledges carrying out dozens of airstrikes against Hizbullah targets in Syria to stop what it calls advanced arms deliveries to the Lebanese group, which is a key ally of the Damascus government.

Israel fought a devastating 2006 war with Hizbullah in Lebanon and has voiced concern that the group's involvement in Syria risks opening up a new front.

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Thumb eagledawn 01 November 2017, 22:31

Yes... Israel now needs permission from Russia to fly in Syria and Lebanon and even in northern Israel! S-400 is a game changer and now only the US F22 raptors can do anything without Russian permission! israel is even more upset as they now cannot even enter Lebanese airspace!!!! Now Israel is finally vonerable in Lebanese airspace!"

Default-user-icon ali (Guest) 01 November 2017, 22:45

Absolutely not true

Thumb s.o.s 01 November 2017, 22:56

I confirm, Ado the lurker isn't having a good time right now, hence the red color next to the green one lol he's such a #sourpuss.

Thumb shab 02 November 2017, 18:33


Thumb justin 01 November 2017, 22:37


Thumb ___flamethrower___ 01 November 2017, 22:38

lulz @ amid Reports of Israeli Strikes in Syria

Thumb 01 November 2017, 22:46

So close to the Russian bases, mdr!!!

That's a message from Poutine to Rohani.

Thumb janoubi 01 November 2017, 22:47

The heroic syrain army fired surface-to-surface missiles that landed in the Bekaa instead of firing surface-to-air missiles at the israeli planes.

Thumb warrior 01 November 2017, 22:49

Excellent News!

Thumb Knight 01 November 2017, 23:07

23:00أنباء عن استهداف موقع لـ"حزب الله" من قبل مقاتلة إسرائيلية داخل الحدود السورية.۔

22:45مصادر ميدانية لـ"سكاي نيوز" عربية: 4 غارات إسرائيلية استهدفت معملا لتصنيع الذخيرة في منطقة حسياء

Thumb ice-man 01 November 2017, 23:09

It breaks my heart to see these laser guided missiles pierce through the flesh and blood of our heroic resistance and wonder why all this aggression?

How Sad.....

Thumb ansarullah 01 November 2017, 23:12

Allah Y2awwi Shi3it Ali

Lan Tousba Zainabu Maratayyn

Lan Lan Lan

Thumb barrymore 01 November 2017, 23:15

Must be the scared Israeli response to Raad's existential threat;))


Missing phillipo 02 November 2017, 00:32

Why is this important to the Lebanese government when Israel is attack inside Syria? of course it isn't.
It is only important to Hizballah who time after time are losing their weapons and ammunitions shipments from Iran.
It is only important to Lebanon that because of Hizballah's activities Syrian missiles are landing in Lebanese territory.
To quote the famous American anti-war song "when will they ever learn?"

Thumb liberty 02 November 2017, 03:43

They are paid by Iran not to learn.

Thumb shab 02 November 2017, 18:37

phillipo, from where did you get the impression our government is concerned?

Thumb liberty 02 November 2017, 03:46

Couldn't have happened to nicer creatures.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 02 November 2017, 09:19

It brings me so much joy to know these iranian terrorists are getting shredded to pieces. Well done and please never stop.

Thumb tric.portugal 02 November 2017, 12:14

the coligation Israel( =USA )+ Saudis after put Iraque and Syria in a step is Lebanon...

Thumb s.o.s 02 November 2017, 15:38

Yeah yeah blabla habla habla

Thumb shab 02 November 2017, 18:38

yeah Lan Lan Lan