Mustaqbal: Hariri's Return Necessary to Restore Balance

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal Movement on Thursday announced that Prime Minister Saad Hariri's return to Lebanon is “necessary” in order to “restore respect for Lebanon's balance at home and abroad.”

“The return of the head of the Lebanese government, the national leader and the head of al-Mustaqbal Movement Saad Hariri is necessary to restore respect for Lebanon's balance at home and abroad, in the framework of full respect for the Lebanese legitimacy represented in the Constitution and the Taef Accord and in respecting the Arab and international legitimacies,” said Mustaqbal in a statement issued after an emergency meeting for its parliamentary bloc and political bureau.

“The bloc and the political bureau stress that they fully stand by PM Saad Hariri and his leadership... and that they will back anything he decides under any circumstances,” Mustaqbal added.

Hariri had announced his resignation on Saturday in a surprising and pre-recorded statement from Saudi Arabia.

In a haltingly delivered address, Hariri accused Iran of meddling in Arab affairs and Iran-backed Hizbullah of holding Lebanon hostage. He also said he feared for his life.

In his absence, Lebanon has been awash with speculation the prime minister may be held against his will in Saudi Arabia. Saudi officials have denied Hariri is under house arrest.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 09 November 2017, 17:31

By the Constitution's Article 24, the one quarter of Lebanese who are denominated (by whom?) Christian are in balance with the three quarters who are denominated Muslim, and of the latter, about one third of these, one quarter of the total, are Sunnni, like Hariri and the royal family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hariri appeared later Tuesday on the most popular comedy TV show in KSA, "So You Think You Know Me?" and told the old chestnut about KSA being a thriving democracy, in that the king never forgets to cast his vote on time according to the Constitution, which he makes up as he goes along.

Thumb Mystic 09 November 2017, 20:04

You are always trying to make it an hezbollah issue, when it is the Saudis creating the turmoil by putting Hariri under house arrest.

Thumb s.o.s 09 November 2017, 20:56

Keep Hariri is KSA, we want a leader with strong values, some guy or lady that doesn't comprise with the devil, Hizbalot and its masters.

Thumb s.o.s 09 November 2017, 22:05

*** compromise.

Thumb tric.portugal 09 November 2017, 21:33

the Saudis and Hariri putting a knife in the Head of the Cristhians in Lebanon after what is happenning in Levant to the Cristhians...the Whaabism Salaphist=Daesh...the West saying winning the battle against Daesh in Levant!!!?? the West is supporting the Daesh to finished the mission that consist in the final extremination of Cristhians in Levant...first, Iraque and, Lebanon!!!the Whaabis Salaphist are offer to Israel a present for the 100 years of existence of the Sate of Israel...that´s why Israel say that the relations betewen Israel and the Whaabism Salaphism King never was so good...dogs!!!

Thumb tric.portugal 09 November 2017, 21:39

there is no words for describing the terrorists atacks that are targueting Lebanon and the Cristhians...and the West nations assisting in silence to the final process of the extremination of cristhians in Levant because they are afraid to lose the Whaabi money...never in all History of the Planeth Earth, the Impire of Mecca have so much power in the West...