Macron Arrives in Riyadh on Surprise Visit

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Saudi Arabia late Thursday for talks with the kingdom's powerful crown prince on the rising tensions between Tehran and Riyadh.

Macron, on his debut visit to the Middle East, made the surprise announcement at a news conference in Dubai.

Macron's talks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will cover Iran and Yemen, where Saudi Arabia and its allies have imposed a complete blockade in the wake of a missile attack last Saturday by Tehran-backed Huthi rebels.

"I've heard some very hard positions" taken by Saudi Arabia against Iran, said Macron, adding it was important to speak to all sides and that France had a role in making peace.

The visit comes at a time of increased friction between the Sunni kingdom and Shiite Iran, which are embroiled on opposite sides in Lebanon and Yemen.

The talks would also include developments in Lebanon, whose Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned in a shock announcement broadcast from Riyadh on Saturday.

Macron's visit comes days after Prince Mohammed launched what the Saudi government has dubbed a wide-ranging corruption crackdown, arresting dozens of members of the royal family as well as ministers and businessmen.

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Thumb s.o.s 09 November 2017, 20:54

God bless MBS and down with Iran. France is with Iran... it has billions of dollars at stake there, that's why it's biased.

Thumb s.o.s 09 November 2017, 22:04

I'm against the terrorist militia ruining my country. Anyone attacking it is a friend of lebanon. Be it Israel I don't care! We will treat one cancer at a time.

Thumb thepatriot 09 November 2017, 23:27

s.o.s... I am not sure that France is with Iran. Iran signing a contract with Total does not suffice to put all the weight in France's balance. Don't forget that France also deals a lot with Saudi Arabia. They sell them lots of weapons too...

Thumb s.o.s 09 November 2017, 23:39

Sont forget hundreds of airbus sold and I believe civilian nuclear tech. Billions of dollars!

Thumb tric.portugal 09 November 2017, 21:19

why not to Lebanon!!!??? Macron recognize that Lebanon is a Caliphate of the Saudis...Coup of State in France!!! the State of France supporting the extremination of Cristhians in´s necessary that the cristhians militars assume the control of the State of France!!! the french politicians are working for the daesh...

Thumb tric.portugal 09 November 2017, 22:03

Macron gonna said to the Whaabi Salaphist King, if they only buy french weapons they give the the head of the cristhians in Lebanon...saying that the head of cristhians in Lebanon are in promotion because the comemoration of 100 years of the existence of the Israel State...

Thumb thepatriot 09 November 2017, 23:29

ye yes yes tric... you have it all figured out! Damn! What a genius! What's your IQ score? 160? 170?? What a brilliant mind... your parents must be really proud....

Thumb tric.portugal 10 November 2017, 00:35

my friend the Planeth comemorated 100 years of the Israel State with knife in Head of the Lebanese Cristhianity...what gift the Saudis give to Israel in the name of the new friendship!

Thumb tric.portugal 09 November 2017, 22:24

in Italy they started to talk about sanction to the Saudi Arabia...and in Brasil too...

Thumb tric.portugal 10 November 2017, 02:17

Macron gonna visited the "new" Boss...Macron was in Ryahd to received instrutions...Ryahd gonna say to France or iu do what we want or we pull our money from France...and iu know what this meaning for french economy...the Saudis are speaking loud to Europe like they never done...Europe must freeze( roubed ) the Saudi Money like they donne to the Mohamar Kadaphi money...the problem of European is because the Saudis have the support of Israel and Trump, that problem do not exist in the Kadaphi money...and now the Russian made a big deals with the Saudis probably, gonna join to the group, Israel and USA, that want´s to protected the saudi money...the money that only bring chaos it´s necessary to freeze them...