Jubeir: Situation in Lebanon the Result of Hizbullah's Activities, Lebanese are Innocent


Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir described the situation in Lebanon as “unfortunate” noting that it has to come to this result because of “Hizbullah's activities supported by Iran.”

In an interview with CNBC, Jubeir accused Hizbullah of “hijacking the Lebanese system and placing obstacles in front of Prime Minister Saad Hariri's government, and thwarting each initiative Hariri tried to implement.”

“Hizbullah continues to hold on to its militia although it should hand over its weapons,” Jubeir told CNBC, adding “there should be no weapons outside the scope of government institutions.”

Accusing Hizbullah of thwarting each initiative made by the PM, he said: “Hizbullah has been an instrument used by Iran to dominate Lebanon, to interfere in Syria, with Hamas and the Huthis,” in Yemen.

“Hizbullah has been responsible for smuggling weapons into Bahrain and is involved in drug dealing, criminal activity and money laundering. The world has to take action in terms of curtailing their activities,” he stressed.

The Minister went on saying: “We can not allow Lebanon to be the platform from which harm comes to Saudi Arabia. Lebanese people are innocent and have been dominated by Hizbullah and we need to find a way to help the Lebanese come out from under the thumb of Hizbullah.”

To a question on whether SA is considering cutting diplomatic ties with Lebanon, Jubeir said: “We are looking at various options and consulting with friends and allies around the world to see the most effective way of dealing with the menace called Hizbullah.”

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Thumb tric.portugal 10 November 2017, 09:15

Saudis helping the Lebaneses putting a knife in the head of the Cristhians...when start the return of the refugies...Saudis can helped the Lebanese receveing 1.5 millions of refugies in Lebanon...