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Lebanon Says Backs Any Arab Action that 'Reassures Everyone' after Yemen Strikes

Lebanon on Thursday took an ambiguous stance that is in the vein of its famous “dissociation policy” towards regional conflicts, voicing support for any joint Arab action that “reassures everyone,” after Saudi warplanes bombed Shiite rebels in Yemen and sparked Iranian warnings.

“Any joint Arab action is lauded if it is based on standards that guarantee (the interests of) everyone, reassure everyone and involve everyone,” Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil said, addressing a meeting for Arab FMs in Sharm el-Sheikh.

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Lebanese Maroun Atieh, a Multilingual Med Student at the Young Age of 19

Maroun Atieh is a Lebanese medicine student who was able to master five different languages and an extensive knowledge in two others at the young age of nineteen, not to mention his drawing and writing skills.

Atieh is enjoying a stay with his family members and friends in Jounieh's Sahel Alma in Lebanon, but it's only a temporary one because the multilingual youth has plans to travel to Germany to complete his studies in medicine and master other languages.

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Cloudy Beirut Skies Witness Partial Solar Eclipse

Onlookers were gazing at the skies Friday as Lebanon and other Arab states witnessed a two-hour partial eclipse that was not clearly visible to sight in much of Lebanon's regions because of the cloudy weather that prevailed.

The eclipse started at around 10:45 a.m. Beirut time and lasted for a couple of hours.

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U.N. Security Council Urges Help for Lebanon's Syrian Refugees

The U.N. Security Council called on the international community Thursday to help Lebanon in its efforts to host more than a million refugees from neighboring Syria.

An estimated 1.18 million Syrians have fled their country's bloody conflict to take refuge in Lebanon, which has struggled to deal with the influx as the war enters its fifth year.

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UAE Decides to Deport 70 Lebanese, Foreign Ministry Stresses They were 'Abiding by Emirati Laws'

The United Arab Emirates will expel 70 Lebanese nationals, mostly Shiites, within the next 24 hours, Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil said Friday.

"The ministry of foreign affairs was informed by the Lebanese embassy in the Emirates that 70 Lebanese will be deported by the authorities in the next 24 hours," Bassil told Agence France Presse.

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Geagea Urges End to 'Weeping' for the Sake of Christians: They Must Hold on to their Land

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stated on Friday that the situation of Christians in the region is “very difficult.”

He said via Twitter: “The Christians should stop their weeping and hold on to their land.”

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Let’s Talk About Climate for a Change

Naharnet and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Climate Change team are proud to announce the launch of a new partnership which aims at informing you about climate change, updating you on Lebanon’s efforts in combating it and keeping you posted on relevant international studies and events.

This partnership is being initiated in the wake of a very intensive climate year. 2015 will be a historic period during which countries will multiply their international discussions and national efforts to agree on how to reduce the impact of climate change.

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Jumblat Urges 'Druze of Occupied Palestine' to Seek 'Drastic Change' in Knesset Vote

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat on Thursday urged the Druze Arabs in Israel to run in the upcoming legislative polls in “unified” lists with the aim of achieving “drastic change.”

“Once again I address this appeal to the Druze Arabs in occupied Palestine, who are suffering along with their Palestinian brothers from occupation, tyranny and injustice due to the practices of Israel, which is seeking to totally eradicate the Arab identity,” said Jumblat in a statement.

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Jafari: Hizbullah's Resistance against Israeli Army among Islamic Revolution's Miracles

Iran's top general said Wednesday his country has reached "a new chapter" towards its declared aim of exporting revolution, in reference to Tehran's growing regional influence, while hailing the role of Hizbullah in resisting Israel.

Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the nation's powerful Revolutionary Guards Corps, said: “Hizbullah and its resistance against one of the armies in the world -- that is to say the army of the Zionist regime.. is one of the Islamic revolution's miracles," he said.

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ihjoz Hosts Conference on 'Ticketing in the Digital Age for Events and Tourism'

Under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism, His Excellency Mr. Michel Pharaon, ihjoz, the first digital ticketing network in Lebanon, hosted a conference entitled: Ticketing in the Digital Age for Events and Tourism. The event was held at the Hilton Hotel on March 10, 2015, in the presence of partners, industry stakeholders and key members of the press.

Panelists at the ihjoz conference included His Excellency Mr. Michel Pharaon, Minister of Tourism, Mr. Khalil Daoud, CEO of LibanPost, Mrs. Randa Bdeir, Head of Electronic Banking at Bank Audi, Mr. Bassam Tueni, co-founder of ihjoz, and Sami Tueni, co-founder and CEO of ihjoz.

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