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Nasrallah Expected to Give Speech Two Days After Commemoration Anniversary of Hariri

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah will likely make a televised appearance which reports predicted will take place on February 16, two days after the commemoration of the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Saturday.

“Nasrallah will make a televised appearance soon to mark Hizbullah's Martyrs Day,” said the daily.

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Hizbullah Official Says Party Will Boycott Next Parliament Session

Hizbullah official Hussein Khalil said on Saturday that the party's lawmakers will only attend the parliament session aimed at electing a president next week if an agreement is reached to elect its candidate the founder of the Free Patriotic Movement MP Michel Aoun for the post.

“When an agreement is reached on the election of Gen. Aoun as president, then we will be the first to arrive at the parliament to elect him,” said Khalil after a meeting with Aoun.

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Report: Lebanese Army Ready to Counter Threats against Arsal

Military sources slammed media reports claiming that the situation in the northeastern border town of Arsal is deteriorating and assured that the situation is fully under control, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Saturday.

“The army is closely watching the security situation inside the town of Arsal and its outskirts. It is carrying out preemptive operations to counter sources of danger,” the source told the daily on condition of anonymity.

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Consultative Gathering Refuses Stipulations in Return for International Assistance on Refugees

The Consultative Gathering bloc urged Lebanon's lawmakers to attend the parliament's session next week aimed at ending the vacuum at presidential post, and reiterated rejection to conditions set during the donors conference on Syria that Lebanon opens its labor market for the refugees in return for assistance.

“The Consultative Gathering calls on all MPs to take part in the February 8 session,which is going to be different from all its predecessors after the disclosure of the vast majority of MPs about their electoral inclinations which should facilitate the presidential election process,” said the statement recited by information Minister Ramzi Jreij.

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Official: Spy Was in Lebanon to Help Kidnapped Czech

The Czech defense minister said Friday that a military spy who was among five Czechs returned from Lebanon was seeking information about a fellow countryman kidnapped in Libya last year.

The minister, Martin Stropnicky, was quoted in the Hospodarske Noviny daily as saying the military agent, Martin Psik, went to Lebanon in an effort "to help our cook in Libya."

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Fayad Freed after Prague Decides Not to Extradite Him to U.S.

The Czech Republic's justice minister has decided that a Lebanese national cannot be extradited to the United States to face weapons charges, a Prague official said on Thursday.

Prague's Municipal Court allowed the extradition in September but the minister, Robert Pelikan, has the final say and said "no" Thursday.

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6 IS Militants Killed, 16 Held in Special Army Operation in Arsal Outskirts

The Lebanese army killed six terror fugitives on Wednesday and arrested 16 individuals in raids on Wadi al-Aranab and al-Joumrok neighborhoods in the northeastern town of Arsal, an army statement said.

The groups were said to have links to the latest clashes in Arsal.

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Officials Highlight Need to Conduct Municipal Elections on Time

Politicians have asserted the need to hold the municipal elections which are slated for later this year on time over concerns that they would face the same fate as the parliamentary elections.

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq had therefore assured that the elections will be held on time and that the term of the current councils will not be extended.

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Kataeb Condemns Attempts to Impose 'Sole Presidential Candidate'

The Kataeb Party on Monday accused some parties of seeking to impose a “sole presidential candidate” on the country.

Kataeb “condemns some parties' attempt to practice subjugation and confine the presidential elections to voting to a sole candidate out of the others,” said the party in a statement issued after its political bureau's weekly meeting.

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Report: Russia after Sierra Leone Denies Claims it Will Receive Lebanon's Garbage

Following reports claiming that Russia is another suggested destination after Sierra Leone to receive Lebanon's trash, Moscow has strongly denied the allegations bringing the months long file back to square one.

A Russian diplomatic source asserted on Monday that it is impossible for Russia to receive Lebanon's waste due to high costs it entails in addition to the fact that the decomposing trash has become out-of-date for recycling.

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