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Parliament Fails to OK Amnesty Law, Berri Warns over Virus in Prisons

Parliament on Wednesday failed to approve a controversial general amnesty law after several blocs boycotted an evening session and stripped it of quorum.

Speaker Nabih Berri, who postponed the session and the debate of the law to October 20, voiced regret over the disagreements.

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Ex-PMs Hit Back at Nasrallah over Govt. Formation Accusations

Former premiers Saad Hariri, Najib Miqati, Fouad Saniora and Tammam Salam on Wednesday hit back at Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah over accusations he made during his Tuesday evening televised address.

In a joint statement distributed by Hariri’s press office, the ex-PMs noted that the French initiative had called for “suspending everything related to conventional domestic politics and the issue of competition between blocs and parties for several months.”

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Bassil Hails Illicit Enrichment Law as Achievement for His Bloc

Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Wednesday hailed parliament’s approval of a draft law on illicit enrichment as an “achievement” for his bloc.

“Subjecting MPs, ministers and all (public) employees to the illicit enrichment law is an achievement made by the Strong Lebanon bloc on the course of subjecting anyone offering a public service to accountability,” Bassil tweeted.

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EU Ready to Help but Urges Lebanon to 'Deliver on Reforms'

The EU announced Wednesday that it will “assist Lebanon in economic recovery” but added that “the Government of Lebanon must commit and deliver on reforms.”

The announcement was made as the European Union and the World Food Program joined forces to support vulnerable populations in Lebanon.

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Protesters Storm Bank in Downtown Beirut

Angry protesters stormed into a bank in downtown Beirut on Wednesday to demand that their savings, which has been trapped for months, be given back to them.

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Parliament Approves Illicit Enrichment Bill, Postpones General Amnesty

Lebanon’s parliament approved on Wednesday the illicit enrichment law and postponed discussions into a controversial general amnesty until the afternoon session.

Lawmakers convened at the UNESCO Palace, not the usual venue because of the outbreak of coronavirus.

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Report: Concerns Rise over ‘Reactivating’ Role of Diab’s Govt

After the resignation of PM-designate Mustafa Adib over a Cabinet impasse, fears mount about "reactivating" the role of caretaker government of PM Hassan Diab, the Saudi Asharq el-Awsat reported on Wednesday.

Sources close to President Michel Aoun, told the daily that Diab’s caretaker cabinet is only carrying out its tasks as stipulated in the constitution. But some parties are concerned it would be “reactivated” to suit the interests of some until after the US presidential elections.

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Nasrallah Says Still Keen on French Initiative but Tells Macron He's Not Lebanon's 'Ruler'

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday said his party is still keen on the success of the French initiative but criticized French President Emmanuel Macron over his latest remarks.

“We welcomed President Macron's role and the French initiative for helping Lebanon, but not for him to become a prosecutor, a ruler or a custodian over us. We still support the French initiative but the rhetoric must be reviewed, because national dignity was insulted two days ago,” Nasrallah said in a televised address.

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Netanyahu Warns of Hizbullah 'Missile Depot' near Jnah Gas Facilities

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday warned that the “next explosion” in Lebanon might take place in the Beirut suburb of Jnah, where he said Hizbullah has an alleged secret arms depot.

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Mustaqbal Objects to Amnesty Law on Agenda of Wednesday Session

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc does not agree to the current text of the general amnesty draft law that is on the agenda of Wednesday’s legislative session, the head of the bloc MP Bahia Hariri said Tuesday.

“The proposed format does not fulfill our demand and that of the relatives on ending the injustice and unfairness against a large number of detainees,” Hariri’s press office said in a statement.

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