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Hariri Calls Shorter, Condemns Manchester Deadly Attack

Prime Minister Saad Hariri condemned the terrorist attack that took place at dawn today in the northern English city of Manchester.

“We strongly condemn the terrorist attack that left tens dead and many innocent civilians wounded in Manchester,” he told the British Ambassador to Lebanon Hugo Shorter in a telephone conversation.

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Syrian Ambassador: Lebanon Must Look for Solutions for Displaced Syrians

Syria's ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali said he acknowledges the burden on Lebanon as the result of displaced Syrians fleeing the war ravaging their country, but he questioned the “lack of Lebanese government initiatives to find solutions,” the National News Agency reported on Tuesday.

Ali admitted that Lebanon is bearing “the burden of displaced Syrians,” but he wondered about the reasons keeping the Lebanese “government from taking initiatives to find solutions” for the crisis, he said.

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Jaber Says US Renders 'Invalid' Draft 'Sanctions' Against Lebanon

The Lebanese parliamentary delegation in Washington assured that new US financial sanctions against Lebanon will not be imposed, pointing out that reports about the matter were inaccurate “leaks,” al-Joumhouria daily reported on Tuesday.

“Everyone is talking as if there are new US sanctions against Lebanon, which is a big fallacy because it has not happened yet," a member of the delegation MP Yassin Jaber told the daily.

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Ibrahim: Battle against Takfiris Didn't Stop Us from Chasing Spies

General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim stressed that the agency's strenuous efforts against terror groups entrenched on Lebanon's porous border, have not stop it from pursuing the battle against Israeli spies, Ad Diyar daily reported on Monday.

The agency is increasingly vigilant in “monitoring and arresting Israeli agents,” said Ibrahim stressing that “the battle with Takfiri terrorism did not stop us from pursuing and dismantling networks dealing with the Israeli enemy,” he told the daily in an interview.

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Bassil Says Lebanese Delegation Was 'Unaware' of Summit Statement

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil said after the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh Sunday that Lebanon adheres to President Michel Aoun's oath of office and to the ministerial statement distancing the country from foreign turmoil.

“We were not aware of the Riyadh announcement and believed that no statement would be issued at the end of the summit. It was a surprise to know about its issuance and content when we were flying back to Lebanon,” said Bassil in a tweet.

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Family Gunfight Leaves Three Syrians Dead in Arsal

A gunfight that erupted overnight between two Syrian families in the outskirts of border town of Arsal, left three killed and several others injured, the National News Agency reported on Monday.

A family dispute escalated into a machine gun fight between two Syrian families, one hailing from the Syrian town of Yabroud and another from Ras al-Maara, NNA said.

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General Security Arrests Iraqi Spying for Israel

The General Directorate of General Security arrested an Iraqi national over his involvement in spying operations in favor of the Israeli enemy, the State-run National News Agency reported on Saturday.

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Bomb Explodes in Ain el-Hilweh Camp

Assailants tossed Saturday morning a hand grenade near a Palestinian National Security Forces checkpoint in the southern Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh, the National News Agency reported.

NNA said, an unidentified suspect threw a bomb near the PNS forces checkpoint in Darb al-Sim at the southern end of camp.

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U.S., Saudi Jointly Blacklist Hizbullah Official on Eve of Trump Visit

As U.S. President Donald Trump prepared to head to Saudi Arabia on Friday, Washington and Riyadh issued their first "joint terrorist designation" -- blacklisting a Hizbullah leader.

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Riachi: LF-FPM Coordinating Efforts, Elections Likely in Sept. under Proportional System

Information Minister Melhem Riachi assured that coordination continues between the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement to find common ground on a new electoral law, pointing out that elections will probably be held under a proportional representation system with as many as ten electoral districts.

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