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Berri Criticizes Arab League's Label of Hizbullah

Speaker Nabih Berri indirectly criticized on Monday the Arab League's closing statement that named Hizbullah a “terrorist” organization.

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Hashem Says Arab League Must Understand Lebanon's 'Particularity'

MP Qassem Hashem rejected the Arab League naming of Hizbullah as a “terrorist” organization, describing the party as a “major component of the Lebanese fabric.”

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Arab League Chief in Beirut, Holds Talks with Aoun

Arab League chief Ahmed Abu el-Gheit stressed on Monday that the Arab League is keen on “understanding” Lebanon's “special composition” after naming Hizbullah a “terror” organization, assuring that no one accepts any harm for the Mediterranean country.

“No one wants to harm Lebanon we understand it has its own particularity,” said Abu el-Gheit after holding a meeting with President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace.

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Hariri to Travel to Egypt Tuesday

Prime Minister Saad Hariri will visit Cairo on Tuesday, where he will meet with Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the premier's media office said in a statement.

Hariri will travel to Egypt from France were he is staying at the invitation of President Emanuel Macron after rumors that he was held against his will in Saudi Arabia after his surprise resignation.

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Lebanon Voices Reservations on Arab League Statement Calling Hizbullah 'Terrorist'

The closing statement of an emergency Arab League meeting labeled Hizbullah as “terrorist” on Sunday, which prompted Lebanon’s representative to voice reservations over certain clauses.

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Saudi Slams Hizbullah as Bahrain Says Group is 'Iran's Longest Arm in Region'

Saudi Arabia on Sunday renewed its criticism of Hizbullah as Bahrain described the Lebanese Iran-backed group as Tehran’s “longest arm in the region.”

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Hariri Calls Aoun, Berri, Deryan from France

Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who has not returned to Beirut since his surprise resignation two weeks ago, made several phone calls with senior Lebanese officials after his arrival in France on Saturday.

Hariri telephoned President Michel Aoun, Speaker Nabih Berri and the Grand Mufti of the Republic Abdul Latif Deryan, where talks highlighted the latest developments, the premier's media office said in a statement.

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Aoun: Hariri Will Be in Lebanon for Independence Day

Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who has not returned to Beirut since his surprise resignation two weeks ago, will be home for Independence Day on Wednesday, the president's office said.

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Macron Welcomes Hariri to Elysee Palace after Saudi 'Hostage' Rumors

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Saad Hariri for talks Saturday, hours after the Lebanese premier arrived from Saudi Arabia in the midst of a political crisis.

Hariri, who made a shock resignation announcement on November 4 and has since fended off claims that he was being held in Saudi Arabia against his will, was due to have lunch with Macron after the talks.

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Hariri Leaves Riyadh for Paris

Prime Minister Saad Hariri left Saudi Arabia for France late Friday, in a move aimed at defusing political turmoil sparked by his shock resignation in Riyadh.

"To say that I am held up in Saudi Arabia and not allowed to leave the country is a lie. I am on the way to the airport Mr. Sigmar Gabriel," Hariri tweeted in English around midnight, addressing Germany's foreign minister.

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