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Rahi Calls for Plan to Protect and Preserve Lebanese

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi sounded the alarm over a looming education crisis following the wage increase of Lebanon's private school teachers, as he called for devising plans that make Lebanese youth dismiss thoughts of emigration, the National News Agency reported on Thursday.

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Salameh Says Elections Resonated Well in Financial Circles

Central Bank (BDL) Governor Riad Salameh said on Thursday that staging the parliamentary elections has had a positive impact in the international and domestic financial circles.

“The reactions were good. Holding the elections has had a positive effect in financial circles,” Salameh told President Michel Aoun during their meeting at Baabda Palace.

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Report: Mustaqbal-LF Turn New Leaf, Aim to Restore Confidence in New Government

A new leaf in relations has been turned over between the Lebanese Forces and al-Mustaqbal Movement following the Geagea-Hariri meeting at the latter’s residence early this week, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Thursday.

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Cabinet OKs Electricity-Related Items, to Hold Its Last Session Monday

The Council of Ministers on Wednesday approved some agenda items related to power generation as it decided to hold its last session Monday ahead of turning into a caretaker cabinet with the expiry of the term of the incumbent parliament.

It approved several items during its session at the Baabda Palace, including granting a license for the establishment of the Saint Georges University in Beirut, an item on generating electricity from wind turbines, and two items on seaside properties in Zouk and Chouf.

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Report: Parties ‘Delay Differences’ ahead of Consultations

In the wake of Lebanon’s legislative elections that surprisingly created electoral alliances between conflicting political parties, various factions have reportedly started mending relations with their original allies in preparation for the upcoming stage of electing a Speaker and the formation of a new government.

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Syrian Ambassador: Syria Has No Enemies in Lebanon, Formal Coordination Solves Refugee Crisis

Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali stated that Syria “has no enemies in Lebanon,” pointing out that the Syrian refugees crisis can only be solved “through coordination between the two governments”, al-Akhbar daily reported on Wednesday.

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Geagea Rejects Bids to Integrate Displaced Syrians in Lebanon

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea on Tuesday categorically rejected any bid to integrate the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, as the international community reportedly plans to adopt a policy that integrates them in host countries.

“Lebanon is not an empty land without people. Any thought or step towards keeping the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, even temporarily, is totally rejected,” said Geagea.

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Berri Says Meeting with Aoun ‘Excellent’

President Michel Aoun held talks on Tuesday with Speaker Nabih Berri at the Presidential Palace in Baabda where talks touched on several issues “without dwelling into details,” the State-run National News Agency reported.

“The meeting was more than excellent and we touched on all future topics without dwelling into details,” Berri told reporters after the meeting.

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Aoun, Officials Condemn Israeli Crimes Against Palestinians

President Michel Aoun and several lawmakers denounced on Tuesday Israel’s criminality against the Palestinian people in the wake of the inauguration of the United States embassy in Jerusalem.

Aoun took to Twitter and said: “The crimes go one and the guards continue to be absent...Palestine.”

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FPM Says Won’t ‘Renounce’ Social Affairs Ministry

The Free Patriotic Movement on Tuesday said it will not “renounce the Social Affairs Ministry” to another party, when the new government is formed, if a “clear” policy on the displacement of Syrians in Lebanon is not adopted.

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