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Protests, Road Blockages after Reported Consensus on PM

Protests and road blockages resumed around various Lebanese regions on Wednesday denouncing reported consensus on businessman Samir Khatib to lead the new government.

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U.S. Court Sentences Hizbullah Operative to 40 Years in Jail

An American of Lebanese descent was sentenced to 40 years in prison on Tuesday for buying weapons and plotting attacks on behalf of Hizbullah party.

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Details of New Government's Line-Up Emerge

The new government will be techno-political and will consist of 24 ministers – six political figures as state ministers and 18 technocrats and representatives of the protest movement, media reports said on Tuesday evening, as the engineer and businessman Samir Khatib emerged as a consensus candidate for the PM-designate post.

“The ministers Ali Hassan Khalil, Mohammed Fneish and Salim Jreissati will certainly return as state ministers in the new government, while Speaker Nabih Berri is clinging to the finance portfolio, PM Saad Hariri is insisting on the interior portfolio and Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil is clinging to the energy portfolio,” al-Jadeed TV quoted sources as saying.

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Hariri: I Support Samir Khatib and Technocrats Will Represent Me in Govt.

Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday publicly announced that he endorses the nomination of the engineer and businessman Samir Khatib for the PM-designate post.

“I support Samir Khatib but some details remain pending and I will not take part in the government,” Hariri told reporters following a meeting with Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat at the Center House.

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Bassil: Govt. Success More Important than Our Presence in It

Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Tuesday announced that the success of the new government is more important than the presence of his movement in it.

“If some believe that our presence in the government would prevent salvation or impede the electricity plan, we are willing to stay outside it,” Bassil said after a periodic meeting for the Strong Lebanon bloc.

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Aoun Promises 'Positive Developments' amid Progress in Govt. Talks

President Michel Aoun on Tuesday announced anew that “the coming days will carry positive developments,” as talks to name a new premier reportedly made major progress.

Aoun voiced his remarks during a meeting with a delegation from the Dialogue and Bridges group.

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Hundreds of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Return Home

Hundreds of Syrian refugees have headed home in the first batch to leave Lebanon since protests broke out in the small Arab country more than a month ago.

Since the early hours of Tuesday, scores of Syrians boarded buses in several locations in Lebanon before heading back to their hometowns in war-torn Syria.

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Jumblat Says Haggles over Nominee for PM ‘Unconstitutional’

Progressive Socialist Party leader ex-MP Walid Jumblat on Tuesday said the ongoing debate to pick a PM before the binding parliamentary consultations was “unconstitutional.”

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In Protest-Hit Lebanon, Debate Tents Draw in the Street

A secular state, early elections, solving poverty. Every evening, Sarah al-Ghur joins other residents of Lebanon's second city Tripoli to debate how to fix her protest-gripped country.

"I'd rather take part in the discussions than applaud or shout out slogans," says the 32-year-old in the city's Al-Nour square.

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Protesters in Tripoli Block Roads, State and Public Institutions

Protesters blocked several roads in the northern city of Tripoli and gathered outside state institutions as Lebanon’s uprising against the entire political class enters day 48.

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