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Personal Dispute Aggravates into Gunfight in Akkar

A personal dispute erupted between members of two families in the northern region of Akkar and escalated into a gunfight, the National News Agency reported on Thursday.

The clashes erupted between members from al-Dinnawi and al-Mir families in the Akkar town of Mar Touma, NNA said.

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Report: Berri Believes Accord on Vote Law 'Likely' Before Deadline

Although deadlines are looming to agree on a new electoral law for Lebanon's parliamentary polls, Speaker Nabih Berri ruled out the possibility of failure to reach a voting system before June 21 when the term of the parliament ends, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Thursday.

A source following up closely on the election debate said “Berri is waiting for other ideas to come up, and ruled out reaching June 21 without an agreement,” they told the daily on condition of anonymity.

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Italian FM Meets Lebanese Leaders, Stresses Importance of Lebanon's Stability

Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano held talks Thursday in Lebanon with the country's top officials and stressed the importance of Lebanon's stability.

Alfano held talks with President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace in Baabda and handed him an official invitation on behalf of the Italian President to visit the country.

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Aoun Receives Salameh, Talks Focus on Lebanon's Monetary Situation

President Michel Aoun met on Wednesday with the governor of the Central Bank Riad Salameh where talks focused on Lebanon's financial and monetary situation, the state-run National News Agency reported.

NNA said, Salameh briefed the President on the current “financial and monetary situation highlighting the efforts of the Central Bank in preserving Lebanon's financial stability.”

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State Security Arrests Suspects over Links to Terror Groups

Lebanon's State Security clamped down on six Lebanese and Syrian suspects in south Lebanon over their involvement with terror groups some of which have links to Syrian armed organizations dealing with the Israeli enemy, the state-run National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

Under the supervision of Maj. Gen. Mohammed Shraim, the State Security arrested six people of Lebanese and Syrian nationalities in the town of Marjayoun town, NNA said.

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Mashnouq: Plenty of Time to Agree on Vote Law or Else Enforce 1960

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq said on Wednesday there is still time for political parties to agree on an electoral law for the upcoming parliamentary elections before the parliament's term ends next month, otherwise the law in force will be adopted.

“Nothing new has been recorded as for the electoral law issue” said Mashnouq before a cabinet meeting at the Grand Serail.

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MP Aoun: Lebanon in 'Stillness' after Failure of Law Proposals

Change and Reform bloc MP Alain Aoun said on Wednesday that Lebanon came into a stage of “stillness” after the failure of a “promising” electoral law proposal that included the creation of senate.

Aoun told al-Joumhouria daily: “The country entered into an electoral stillness after the failure of the senate proposal, which was withdrawn from circulation despite the fact that it was a promising opportunity to save the situation and introduce genuine reforms to the political system.”

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Report: Lebanese Delegation in Washington to Avert US Sanctions Threat

In light of concerns that the US administration might impose new financial sanctions against Lebanon, a parliamentary delegation began a visit to Washington to ward off the threat, media reports said on Wednesday.

A delegation began a visit to Washington to discuss ways to strengthen the Lebanese-American ties, especially after Lebanon has achieved the necessary financial legislation in line with international banking and financial standards, al-Joumhouria daily reported.

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ICRC: Access to Yemen Detainees a Humanitarian Must

The suffering of thousands of families who have had no contact with relatives detained in relation to the conflict in Yemen must end, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Tuesday.

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Gemayel Says Govt. Has Failed, Accuses Authority of Seeking Power Gains

Kataeb Party leader Sami Gemayel on Tuesday, slammed the political authority's incapability to agree on a new electoral law to rule the upcoming parliamentary polls and accused it of 'tailoring a voting system to secure power gains.”

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