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300 Displaced Syrians Return Home from Arsal

Several hundred displaced Syrians in Lebanon have returned home on Wednesday to the Syrian town of Asal al-Ward, the National News Agency said.

Around 300 refuges, the second batch since beginning of 2017, left the al-Nour encampment in the northeastern border town of Arsal to Syria's Asal al-Ward, which lies in the western part of Syria's Qalamoun, NNA said.

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Hariri Discusses with ِABL Delegation US Visit, Sanctions on Hizbullah

Prime Minister Saad Hariri received a delegation from the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) where talks touched on several issues including the US sanctions on Hizbullah, Hariri's media office said.

The delegation was headed by Joseph Torbey who said after the meeting: “We discussed several issues with Prime Minister Hariri, including his upcoming visit to the United States.

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Foreign Ministry Hails Mosul Liberation, Nasrallah to Deliver Speech

Lebanon's Foreign Ministry has welcomed the liberation of the city of Mosul from the Islamic State group as a "great victory" for the Iraqi people.

The ministry called for intensified regional efforts to contain the spread of terrorism "from one nest to another."

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Jumblat Urges End to 'Storm of Hatred against Syrian Refugees'

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat on Tuesday urged an end to what he called a “storm of hatred” against Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

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Hajj Hassan: Army's Security Sweep in Arsal Targeted Terrorists

Industry Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan on Monday praised the Lebanese army and emphasized that its conduct during the security sweep on encampments of refugees in the northeastern border town of Arsal targeted terrorists.

“The conduct of the Lebanese army during the military operation targeted terrorists in the outskirts of Arsal, it was not against the refugees encampments. It was of a security nature,” said Hassan during a memorial service.

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Report: FPM Mulling Reshuffle in Its Cabinet Ministers

The Free Patriotic Movement is weighing the possibility of replacing some of the ministers representing the movement in the government over “unsatisfactory performance and productivity”, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Monday.

The daily quoted some well-informed sources, they said the FPM is considering “a ministerial reshuffle” of some of its ministers, but that the idea has not “matured yet.”

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Defense Minister Throws Support behind Army

Defense Minister Yaacoub al-Sarraf emphasized on Monday that campaigns against the Lebanese army will not discourage the apparatus from carrying out its duties and cracking down on terrorists and militants.

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Syrian Airstrikes Bomb 'Nusra Positions' in Arsal Outskirts

Syria airstrikes at dawn on Monday targeted positions of al-Nusra Front militant group in the northeastern border town of Arsal, the National News Agency reported.

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Celebratory Gunfire Shooters Unmoved by Mashnouq's Ban

Heavy celebratory gunfire was heard in several Lebanese areas on Saturday after the announcement of Grade 12 official exams results, although Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq had urged people to restrain from firing and encouraged citizens to take to the streets and “revolt.”

VDL (93.3) said gunfire was heard in the southern Palestinian Refugee Camp of Ain el-Hilweh in Sidon, in Baalbek, in the northern neighborhood of al-Beddawi in Tripoli, in Bebnine and Akkar.

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Report: Hizbullah Sets 'Zero Hour' to Oust Arsal Militants

Political parties close to Hizbullah's decision-makers said the party has “set the zero hour for a joint military operation, alongside groups of special units in the Syrian army, against terrorist and extremist groups in the outskirts of Arsal,” the pan-Arab al-Hayat daily reported on Saturday.

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