Jumblat: No Alternative for Hariri, It's Time He Returns Home

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Democratic Gathering bloc leader MP Walid Jumblat on Friday stressed that there is “no alternative” for Prime Minister Saad Hariri noting that it is time for him to return back to Lebanon after an “obligatory or voluntary” stay in Saudi Arabia.

“After a week of house arrest or voluntary stay (in Saudi Arabia) it is time for Sheikh Saad's return to Lebanon in order to complete the process of construction and stability,” said Jumblat in a tweet.

“And by the way, there is no alternative for him,” the MP emphasized.

Hariri resigned in a shock announcement broadcast from Riyadh on Saturday.

In a haltingly delivered address, Hariri accused Iran of meddling in Arab affairs and Iran-backed Hizbullah of holding Lebanon hostage. He also said he feared for his life.

In his absence, Lebanon has been awash with speculation the prime minister may be held against his will in Saudi Arabia. Saudi officials have denied Hariri is under house arrest.

Moreover, reports circulating have alleged that Saudi Arabia is pushing for the nomination of Bahaeddine Hariri (Saad's brother) to hold Lebanon's premiership and leadership of the Mustaqbal Movement instead of his brother.

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