Merkel Tells Aoun Berlin Exerting Efforts to Resolve Lebanon Crisis

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held phone talks Tuesday with President Michel Aoun, reassuring him that her country is exerting efforts to resolve the crisis sparked by Prime Minister Saad Hariri's resignation, the Lebanese Presidency said.

Merkel told Aoun that she is following up on the developments in Lebanon, lauding “the role that President Aoun is playing to find a solution to this situation,” the Presidency added.

The German leader also stressed Berlin's “support for Lebanon,” noting that Germany is “carrying out contacts with the European nations to resolve this crisis out of keenness on Lebanon's sovereignty and independence and rejection of interference in its internal affairs.”

Hariri announced Tuesday that he will return to Lebanon within days.

In his first TV interview since his shock resignation, the premier announced Sunday from the Saudi capital that he will return to Lebanon to seek a settlement with Aoun and Iran-backed Hizbullah.

Hariri repeated several times that he resigned to create a "positive shock" and draw attention to the danger of siding with Iran in regional conflicts.

Hariri sounded less belligerent in Sunday's interview than he did during the resignation announcement.

A political crisis has gripped Lebanon since Hariri read his televised resignation in which he accused Iran of meddling in Lebanon in a vicious tirade that was uncharacteristic of the usually soft-spoken premier.

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