Hariri Says Resignation Crisis Ends Next Week if 'Positivity' Continues


Prime Minister Saad Hariri reiterated Wednesday that “things are positive” in the ongoing consultations over his government's future.

“As you are hearing, things are positive, and God willing we will announce good news to the Lebanese next week should the positivity continue,” Hariri told reporters in a brief chat after he attended a ceremony celebrating the Prophet's Birthday at the Mohammed al-Amin Mosque in downtown Beirut.

Asked whether he will reverse his resignation permanently next week, Hariri said: “If things are positive, God willing I will.”

As for the possibility of holding a cabinet session next week, the premier said: “Let us see how things go and if they take a positive course.”

Hariri had said Monday that he would resign if Hizbullah refuses to accept a new power-sharing arrangement for Lebanon.

The premier announced he was resigning Nov. 4, but walked it back after returning home last week.

The original announcement, made from the Saudi capital of Riyadh, was widely seen as orchestrated by Saudi Arabia to pressure Lebanon's politicians into taking stronger measures to contain Hizbullah's influence. Hariri said Monday he wanted to send a "positive shock" across Lebanon through his resignation, and denied that Saudi officials forced him to resign.

Hariri has demanded that Hizbullah remove itself from regional conflicts, from Syria to Iraq and Bahrain and Yemen. Hizbullah denies playing a military role in Yemen but has fighters in both Iraq and Syria.

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Missing humble 30 November 2017, 03:51

Which positivity? To live under Ebola dictatorship????