FPM-Marada 'Reconciliation' Expected in Early 2018


A reconciliation between former Christian allies Free Patriotic Movement and Marada Movement is expected to take place in early 2018.

“The first weeks of the year might witnesses important and expected reconciliations, whose indications have started to loom on the horizon,” a ministerial source told An Nahar newspaper in remarks published Sunday.

The reconciliations “include one between former allies Marada and FPM, whose relation had deteriorated prior to the latest presidential settlement, specifically after Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman Franjieh declared his nomination for the presidency against President Michel Aoun,” the source said.

“If it is true that Prime Minister Saad Hariri is involved in pushing for this reconciliation, it would be because he was the main culprit behind the rift between the two movements, especially that it was him who first nominated Franjieh for the presidency before switching his support for Aoun’s nomination,” the source added.

“Through his mediation, Hariri perhaps wants to send a clear message to his former allies in the Lebanese Forces, especially after the latest flaws in their relation that reached the extent of launching backstabbing accusations after Hariri rescinded his resignation,” the source went on to say.

Hariri had on Wednesday described his relation with the Lebanese Forces as “good” while noting that it needs “some clarifications.”

“The press is blowing things out of proportion,” he noted.

The premier had sparked a storm of speculation on Monday when he said that certain “political parties” had stabbed him in the back during the political crisis of his surprise resignation announcement from Riyadh.

“There are political parties that tried to find a place for them in this crisis by stabbing me in the back and I will deal with these cases, case by case, but I do not hold grudge against anyone,” Hariri said.

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