Aoun Vows to 'Build State', Promises 'Better Future' for Lebanon


President Michel Aoun on Friday reassured that Lebanon's future “will be better than its past.”

“Lebanon's future will be better than its near and distant past, because we will build a state no matter how hard things may be,” Aoun told an expat delegation at the Baabda Palace.

“Very soon we will be able to revitalize the economic and financial situations in order to restore prosperity,” the president said.

“I encourage you to return to Lebanon, because the economy will be revived very soon,” Aoun added, noting that “the tourism sector has seen progress because security is the basis of tourism.”

“The other sectors need some time and we will build them,” the president pledged.

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Thumb ___flamethrower___ 29 December 2017, 16:55

Best president for Lebanon's 'future', ever!

Thumb farsical.resistance 29 December 2017, 17:48

The real Future for Lebanon

قيس الخزعلي من جنوب لبنان: الخير والبركة في المقاومة الإسلامية التي على مستوى الجهوزية لتلبية نداء الإسلام والتمهيد لدولة العدل الإلهي دولة صاحب الزمان

Thumb whyaskwhy 29 December 2017, 18:40

What did you expect more than yet another speech. People have to start to wake up and smell the roses there is no proper program for Lebanon. Its each person for his own running his segment of the country as his personal casino. How many "soon things will change" have we heard in the past 50 years? what has actually changed the management? no then should we expect the insanity of doing the same thing all over again and getting different results?

Thumb lebanonforever 30 December 2017, 05:43

pff, the same MujnAoun that has "never" built, sorted or fixed our electricity! Who cowardly abandoned his army post and returned like a sunami (Jumby's best description of MujnAoun), who suddenly became a billionaire, owns a Iranian owned, HA protected, SSNP sponsored "Orange" TV station.
This old man is a A-grade hoax!

Since the late 80's, we've witnessed the manifestation of the "Michel Aoun Project".

Thumb liberty 30 December 2017, 05:45

Aoun Vows to 'Build State', Promises 'Better Future' for Lebanon

and we will take your word for it...

Thumb popeye 30 December 2017, 06:52

Let's review the steps taken by this sellout in order to make a better future for Lebanon:

- Tax reforms?
- Health care reforms?
- Infrastructure ?
- Electricity ?
- Waste disposal ?
- Internet ?
- Armed Forces ?
- Investment in Technology ?
- Freedom of Speech ?
- Security ?

He only invested in Hezbollah and the Iranian militias.