Qaouq Says Hizbullah, Army Deterring Israel and U.S., Gulf Meddling in Elections


A senior Hizbullah official on Sunday reassured that his party and the Lebanese Army are deterring Israel in the oil and gas file, as he accused the U.S., Saudi Arabia and the UAE of meddling in the issue of electoral alliances.

"Lebanon is not waiting for the Security Council, the Arab League or a (Saudi-led) 'Decisive Storm' to protect Lebanese sovereignty and oil resources. The Resistance knows all its national duties, in integration with the Lebanese Army," Sheikh Nabil Qaouq, a member of Hizbullah's Central Councio, said.

"Lebanon is an immune fortress... and Israel has to make a thousand calculations before thinking of attacking it. The Lebanon of the resistance and the army is a strong Lebanon that deters Israel," Qaouq added, noting that "through the resistance equation we can protect the oil resources."

The Hizbullah official also reassured that the Lebanese are "united" in the face of Israel despite the latest disputes.

Turning to the issue of the elections, Qaouq accused the U.S., Saudi and Emirati embassies of "scaring" the Lebanese of Hizbullah's potential control of the new parliamentary majority.

"They are inciting the Lebanese against each other and this is a major attack on Lebanese sovereignty. This is the danger that is disrupting the elections," the Hizbullah official charged.

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Thumb shab 04 February 2018, 21:51

You can shove your equation.
Filthy murdering militia

Thumb shab 04 February 2018, 21:51

You can shove your equation.
Filthy murdering militia

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 04 February 2018, 22:23

The best sheesh Qaouq, ever!

Thumb Mystic 04 February 2018, 22:29

Too bad you can't give away our oil to the zionists.

The Resistance is in your way cowards.

Thumb shn-virgo 04 February 2018, 22:46

Exactly! You see Hajj Sheikh Nabil Qaouq, this is what I am talking about, how the brothers and sisters on social medias have been talking to brother Gebran Bassil. And glad to see you back brother Mystic, where have you been hiding son I haven't see you here in the sewers with the rest of the courageous Resistance lions.

Thumb jaafar.ibn.iblees 04 February 2018, 22:50

Too bad the resistance was not in the way of Israel when it decided to take the lives of those two now dead shia iranian terrorists in your avatar.

Thumb whyaskwhy 05 February 2018, 15:48

To bad we cannot give free education to misguided youth too...
The so called Kizb resistance is nothing but a terror organization that serves Iran it has nothing to do with Lebanese patriotism. The other line is what the bearded goat lays on his sheep and does not work on patriotic Lebanese. Your resistance has not fired a single round against your masters for how many years now?