Change and Reform Urges Hizbullah to Show 'Commitment to State-Building'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Change and Reform parliamentary bloc on Tuesday called on its ally Hizbullah to “show the same level of commitment to the principle of building the state.”

“On the anniversary of the memorandum of understanding between the Free Patriotic Movement and Hizbullah, the belief is deepening day after day that the two giants who signed this agreement had foreseen the major national necessities that required this understanding,” said the bloc in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

“Twelve years from the Mar Mikhael declaration, we are deep-rooting it among the Lebanese so that no one manages to undermine it,” Change and Reform added, noting that it is counting on the MoU to “build a strong and just state.”

Stressing that “national unity is the immune fortress that protects the country” and that “the state is the sanctuary,” the bloc described the army as “the backbone of a strong state.”

“We hope our ally will show the same level of commitment to the principle of building the state,” Change and Reform added.

Earlier in the day, FPM chief Jebran Bassil tweeted that “the Mar Mikhael agreement strengthens Lebanon and protects it from the terrorism of Israel and the takfiris while preventing any domestic strife.”

Hizbullah had on Monday expressed “utmost keenness” on the 2006 memorandum of understanding, describing it as a “historic event.”

The memorandum “carved a new path on the Lebanese arena and it has proved effective throughout all the stages that Lebanon has gone through – from the hostile July war in 2006 to the war on terror over the past few years to the various events that the country witnessed throughout more than a decade,” Hizbullah said.

The landmark agreement was signed by Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the FPM's founder, President Michel Aoun, during a Feb. 5, 2006 ceremony at the Mar Mikhael Church in the Beirut southern suburb of Shiyyah.

In a recent interview with the Magazine weekly, Bassil said “the alliance with Hizbullah is still ongoing” but this does not mean that the two parties “have become one and the same.”

“We are in agreement on the foreign issues and we will remain a guarantee for Hizbullah inside Lebanon should the country face an aggression from Israel or terrorist groups. But unfortunately, in the domestic files we are encountering choices that do not contribute to building the state in Lebanon,” Bassil lamented.

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Thumb justin 06 February 2018, 18:42

Change and Reform Urges Hizbullah to Show 'Commitment to State-Building'


Thumb gebran_sons 06 February 2018, 19:06

Israel and Hizbollah are two sides of the same coin. They use each other to scare their population so they can nurture a war mentality, a war economy, easy indoctrination and diverting people attention from freedom and democracy. They are each other indispensable allies!

Thumb s.o.s 06 February 2018, 19:10

A bone for their puppies... demagoguery is the FPMs speciality, nobody buys this B.S. anymore except those who are conditioned to do so.

Thumb gebran_sons 06 February 2018, 19:17

For 12 years Hizbollah swallowed Lebanon piece by piece and subjugated all its institutions to Iran radical's agenda thanks to FPM. Lebanon after the Cedar Revolution in 2005, instead of witnessing its golden age of economic growth, prosperity, freedom and flourishing democracy that would have guided the Arab Spring to a better outcome; has become a basket case of a miserable state, with economic ruins, unchecked radicalization, lost freedom and independence to Hizbollah’s Iranian-made rocket, living on international subsidies, exchanging our historical democracy with Iranian-type oppressive ideology and North Korean-type rocket nirvana. Now FPM has realized we need to build state institutions when all is lost and our future is hostage of the Basij and the Assad criminal regime?

Thumb Mystic 06 February 2018, 19:33

Poor you, as if you would've had it as good under Da3ish and Nusra rule, because without Hezbollah then Lebanon would be lost and An Nahar office wouldn't even be allowed to have a voice.

You always make Hezbollah as if they were the worst radicals on earth, I would like to see you survive under the so called Syrian rebels Salafis.

Thumb Mystic 06 February 2018, 20:11

As if Israel would accept Lebanon as a sovereign state if not for Hezbollahs defence of Lebanon.

Thumb ex-fpm 06 February 2018, 19:29

The day the FPM signed the doomed MOU with the terror militia was the day the FPM exchanged building of a Lebanese state in favor of building an Iranian statelet.

Thumb ashtah 07 February 2018, 11:05

well said