Trump Says Russia, Iran Behavior in Syria a 'Disgrace'


U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday slammed as a "disgrace" the actions of the Syrian government and its Iranian and Russian backers, as the world struggles to stop a deadly assault on a rebel-held enclave near Damascus.

"I will say what Russia and what Iran and what Syria have done recently is a humanitarian disgrace," Trump told a news conference. "What those three countries have done to those people is a disgrace."

The U.S. State Department has said Russia -- whose air force is also striking Eastern Ghouta -- has a "unique responsibility" for the mounting death toll in the besieged enclave.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 24 February 2018, 17:59

He also said the US would "get ISIS and get out".
I wonder why AFP and Naharhet don't want this known? Do they want regime change? Do they think Trump will go away if they ignore him?

Thumb Mystic 25 February 2018, 09:28

Not Much sympathy for the Yemeni people and palestinians from the U.S.

Thumb chrisrushlau 25 February 2018, 17:23

The party line is very much in control in US society. It's in fact the traditional way: white racism finally got a chance to assume some legitimacy in 2001.