Kataeb Reportedly Decides Not to Ally with LF in Elections


The opposition Kataeb Party has decided not to ally with the Lebanese Forces in the upcoming parliamentary elections seeing as the LF is part of the ruling coalition, a media report said.

"Kataeb has informed all parties concerned, topped by the LF, that its alliances will be political and based on clear stances against the policies and parties of the ruling class," a source informed on contacts between Christian parties told al-Joumhouria daily in remarks published Thursday.

"Attempts for an LF-Kataeb alliance have reached a dead end, amid ongoing negotiations between the LF and each of the Free Patriotic Movement and al-Mustaqbal Movement over a number of electoral districts," the source added.

Kataeb is meanwhile negotiating with MP Dori Chamoun's National Liberal Party and ex-MP Fares Soaid, al-Joumhouria said.

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Missing humble 01 March 2018, 12:10

The LF are part of the coalition and Hakim made a Historical mistake.

Thumb lebanonforever 01 March 2018, 13:44

Can you imagine rather admit that things would be worse if the LF weren't there.

Kataeb can only aline with their mirrors. They're extremely self centred and shallow memories of their history of being part of similarly worse governments.

Truth is truth and Kataeb is making another historical mistake.

For the record, I'm not a fan of the LF FPM alliance, but it's peace amongst us Christians rather than violence.
Change can only happen if the people don't sell their votes for a short term khaye but end up okh'ing until the next election.

Future is in the hands of the Lebanese

Thumb whyaskwhy 01 March 2018, 14:57

Sorry guys its not like they were both going to rock the world. We live in a country still run by Syria and Iran so whomever comes to the chair Bashar through his Lebanese proxies will not allow them to make changes that he does not approve. On the other hand Kizb and their allies have accomplished nothing either. The country continues to stagnate.

Missing un520 01 March 2018, 17:01

And I have decided not to marry Miss Lebanon afterall....

Missing un520 01 March 2018, 23:26

Wow, u really strike me as the kind of guy who hate gays so much because you are embarrased by your own thoughts getting aroused on men. You know like Omar Mir Seddique Mateen who shot all the people in the gay club in Orlando, after being a frequent visitor himself.
Anyway, my point was that Kateeb say they turned LF down, but perhaps its more likely the other way around. Can you share your thoughts on this please without ending up in gay-land like always?